Spencer Fisher: Meaner, Faster, and More Experienced Than Dennis Siver

Joshua CareySenior Analyst IJune 18, 2010

Spencer “The King” Fisher will compete in his 29th professional mixed martial arts fight when he faces Dennis Siver at The Ultimate Fighter finale live on Spike TV Saturday night.


Fisher has been a mainstay in the UFC’s lightweight division over the years and his action packed fights have made him a fan favorite.


According to “The King”, he is not only a world class fighter for the world's premier organization, but is also a fan of the sport as well. That has helped contribute to his relentless fighting style.


“I’m a big fan of the sport myself and I know what I want to see when I pay money to watch the fights. I keep that in mind and try to put on the best fights possible.”


Fisher always delivers exciting fights. But his last performance was not one of his best, as he was defeated by Joe Stevenson.


With that being said, the loss at UFC 104 prompted the lightweight to make changes in his training regimen to ensure that he enters the Octagon at 100 percent.


“I didn’t train like I should have for that fight. I have my own gym and I've basically been doing stuff on my own. I got kinda lazy and didn’t do the things I was supposed to do and I payed for that in my last fight. So, I thought it’d be a good idea for me to break out and get a coach to point me in the right direction.” 


The coach that Fisher speaks of is the world renowned Mark Dellagrotte. Along with Dellagrotte, Fisher also added strength and conditioning coach Kevin Kearns to the mix.


“Mark and Kevin have really pushed me. The men do things right and get (expletive) done. I came in there and they changed my diet around completely and I’ll be down in weight," Spencer explains. 


“Anytime you fight and you fight hard then you get tired, that’s just all there is to it. But, hopefully with the conditioning, I’ve been doing that when that time comes I’ll be good to go.”


Both Fisher and Siver favor the striking realm of the sport, and Spencer feels he possess an advantage in the matchup with his southpaw stance.


“It doesn’t matter how many times you get in their and spar because it’s always awkward to fight a southpaw," Fisher explained.


"I’m an active southpaw and I go for a lot. Being a southpaw, I think it’s going to give him problems and actually, I could see him trying to take me down before this fight is over.”


Fully prepared for this fight and more determined than ever, Fisher expects to be the more complete fighter no matter where the bout takes place.


“I’m ready for any aspect of this fight. I just think I’m a little meaner than he is when it comes down to it, I’m a little faster than he is, and I have more experience as well. Anywhere he wants to go, I think I’m better than him every place.” 


Fisher has been out of the Octagon for eight months. So how excited is the dedicated UFC fighter and fan about getting back into action and putting his new conditioning and training to work? 


“Excited and nervous but hopefully I can go out there and put on a great fight. If I can stick to game plan it’s going to work out very well for me.”


Win, lose, or draw, one thing is guaranteed. When Spencer “The King” Fisher steps into the world famous Octagon, it promises to be an action packed fight that fans everywhere will love watching.