The Tiegate Scandal: Why It May Be a Blessing in Disguise for Bryan Danielson

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 17, 2010

As I'm sure many WWE fans know by now, Daniel Bryan, better known as Bryan Danielson by his true followers, was released from World Wrestling Entertainment a week or so ago for "being too violent for PG."

Danielson has been silent on the issue, which is surprising, seeing as most of the time, talent usually speaks on a release, whether it be positive or negative about the company.

Usually, Danielson does keep to himself though, so while it may seem out of the norm for a released talent to not speak out, it may not be as surprising if you know Danielson.

Of course, Danielson probably has never been released before, and he usually leaves a promotion on his own, no forcible action needed.

Let's face facts, Danielson should have never been released from the WWE because he only did as he was told by management to do, and he was a "scapegoat" in something that should have never been an issue to begin with.

However, he legitimately was let go, and we have to come to terms with that, as I'm sure Danielson has.

The WWE looks as if they want to get him back in the company after the whole choking issue dies down. They have the face of the company in John Cena publicly saying the firing shouldn't have happened and he'd sign the petition to get him back.

Then JTG came out and said the firing was wrong, and CM Punk mocked the release at a SmackDown house show.

The wrestlers are on the side of Danielson because they know, like the fans do, that Danielson deserves to be in WWE more than anyone in the business today.

And now we see that the WWE Universe Facebook page is asking fans if the WWE should re-hire Danielson.

This tells me that WWE is really regretting this move of taking Danielson out of the company, and they want to see who else thinks Danielson should come back.

If you ask me, Danielson will be back. And he'll come back because the fans want him back. Last night when I signed the official petition, there were over 16,000 names on it. And as of this writing today, there are over 21,000.

To add your name, click here.

This shows how much fans want him back, and then the WWE Universe question just makes it all the more obvious that WWE wants him to be back.

WWE has allowed Danielson to pick up Indy dates, and he is set to take some up with DG-USA, Evolve, and even ROH. I've also heard there are some bookings overseas that he'll be doing that he never has done before, too.

They have treated Danielson very well since the release from what I've heard. And really, he's allowed to work anywhere as long as it's not on TV or PPV while under the 90-day no compete clause he has.

To me, this whole story only benefits Danielson.

The guy is the most talked-about wrestler in the world right now. He's sort of like how Bret Hart was after the Montreal Screw Job.

This whole Tiegate Scandal has been sort of like a Screw Job for Danielson. He went out and did as told, then suddenly gets fired? How much more plainly can you screw a guy?

Remember, at the time Hart was released, he was basically the most talked-about wrestling figure in the world. He went to WCW and got paid a massive amount of money to do so.

Of course, WCW threw around money like nobody's business. And obviously Danielson is no Bret Hart at this point in his career. However, I will say this: Danielson could be easily compared to Hart.

He's not the best on the mic, but he's terrific in the ring. This is just like how Hart was.

However, unlike with the Screw Job, it seems with the Tiegate Scandal that Danielson has been treated extremely well here. Of course, he was let go by them, but they never wanted to.

Also, with him being so popular right now, it only brings more popularity to WWE. And more importantly because he's being talked about so often, people will keep signing stuff to get him back.

Eventually, the WWE will show this supposed "outside force" that fans want Danielson back.

That is the whole key WWE really wants us to see.

They want people to sign petitions, they want us to talk about Danielson, they want us to support this terrific talent.

Because when we do, we show WWE and the entire world our opinion. Like John Cena has said before, it's all about the bottom line with WWE.

If they see their fans want something they're not giving them, like a released talent they could easily get back, then they'll get it.

WWE wants us to do exactly what we're doing now because they want to prove that the fans want what they want. They want to show this "outside force" that the fans that people like Danielson, and they want him in the business.

If they can prove that, they'll hire him back.

So go to the petitions, write articles, talk about Danielson constantly.

All it does it put over Danielson more. It's a blessing in disguise if you will for Danielson. It's the hottest topic in the wrestling world today, and WWE wants it to stay that way.