HALAK-IT-NOT:10 Reasons Why Its Still Better To Like The Leafs Than Habs

Cale LoneyCorrespondent IJune 17, 2010

MONTREAL- APRIL 10:  Toronto Maple Leafs fans support tehir team during the NHL game against the Montreal Canadiens on April 10, 2010 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The Maple Leafs defeated the Canadiens 4-3 in overtime.  (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

After the Montreal Canadiens traded away their Conn Smyth worthy goalie, here is the top ten list of why it is still better to be a Leafs fan than a Habs fan.

10. We don't need to draft players based upon whether or not their names sound french.

9.  We don't talk about all the cups we won prior to the civil rights movement.

8.  When we win games, the Premier of the province doesn't need to debate the need to impose martial law.

7. Our imported players don't need to try to learn to speak English and french while trying figure out whatever language Don Cherry is speaking.

6.  We don't trade to get overpaid old players (Scott Gomez) *Side note: We did, however, used to sign them...but that is in the past, hush now it will be okay.

5. Our GM still has a great head of hair (thats gotta count for something right?)




4. Our GM understands that having 4 lines of small skilled players may lead to being eaten by flying predators.

3. When we draft good goalies we make sure we trade them before they can contribute in a meanfulway to the organization, thus not decimating our fans by trading them when they enter their prime. (Hmmm, I supposed that's kind of a lose, lose...)

2. We have a GM who actually has a plan, and has built successful teams.

and the number one reason why being a Leafs fan is better than being a habs fan is.....




1. When we have a player(s) carry us to the conference final, we immortalize them (Wendel Clark lives in one of the sky boxes, I saw him) and if we trade them we acquire players of quality ( Wendel Clark = MATS SUNDIN!!!)