Jim Cornette Praises Paul Heyman, Blasts TNA

Tim ListAnalyst IJune 17, 2010

Legendary professional wrestling manager and scriptwriter Jim Cornette was a guest on the Mayhem radio show at www.mondaynightmayhem.com  to promote Ring Of Honor's Death Before Dishonor Internet-Only Pay Per View in Toronto on Saturday night. While he spent some time promoting the product that he is involved in, he spent most of his time offering critique of TNA and its owner Dixie Carter.

In what is either a smart public relations move, or an actual shift in the notoriously hard headed attitude of Cornette, he did nothing but praise his old rival, former ECW owner and WWE power broker Paul Heyman, who is being publicly wooed by TNA but has not even addressed the situation on his Heyman Hustle website. Heyman, who has been working with hi-def pioneer Mitchell K. Stuart of the Emmy Award winning firm HQ Productions, has formed a company with Stuart called Looking For Larry Productions in New York City. Jim Ross also reported that Heyman is writing two books, and is involved in projects with UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

On speculation that Pauil Heyman is going to TNA, Cornette roared,  "If Paul Heyman went to dinner at Taco Bell, 30 minutes later he could squat down and crap out a better wrestling show format than Vince Russo has ever dreamed of in his life. But I think my old friend, 'Happy Heyman,' is probably way too smart to get involved in that political minefield. One, he's not going to be part of the team, because that would be like putting the top NBA player on the court with a group of guys who they got from a pick up game from the playground. There's nobody capable of even carrying Heyman's pencil down there right now. Secondly, I think he's too smart, because he doesn't want his legacy diminished by going into a hopeless, fruitless cause, because even if he was the only person on creative and doing it all himself, he'll still have to deal with the TNA front office, and most of those people with the non-wrestling background are so inept that really I'm surprised, based on my experiences of being there for three years, that they can get anything done. I don't think they would give Heyman the pull or control over everything that is necessary. I think Dixie would still try to stick her nose in, and I think he would be frustrated just as when he was trying to work within the WWE confines, where the people are a whole lot more competent, but not much more educated as far as pro wrestling."