The Facebook WWE Universe Has Indeed Spoken

Jamal ParkerCorrespondent IJune 17, 2010

Hello fellow Bleacher Reporters.

There seems to be something going down in the WWE, mainly on many Online sites. We all know about the release of Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson), and how it stirred up much controversy. Many fans angered and enraged, confused at the most. And even superstars such as John Cena and JTG and others acknowledging the situation giving their opinions of it. John Cena even signed a petition to bring back Bryan Danielson to the WWE from his Twitter page. As many other fans did, but lets get to the point.

Alright I indeed have a Facebook, and became a fan of the Official WWE Universe Page not too long ago. About everday they do updates and do polls and questions concerning recent shows PPV's and such. But I checked PWInsider today and it said the WWE Universe asked fans whether or not Season 1 Rookie Daniel Bryan should be re-signed into the WWE. I logged onto Facebook and went to the WWE Universe Page to see what people posted and other's opinions and such. I was surprised greatly, the whole page was comments of fans plead to bring Daniel Bryan back, sharing their stories about how he got them interested in the WWE again and complaints about the PG rating and tie choke and even some Linda McMahon Hate(Did I say PG Hate? Yeah there's alot of that). Each and every second someone would write and comment, some simple "Bring Danielson Back" and some long drawn out comment the WWE wouldn't (in my opinion) would never take the time to read. From 12 year old kids to old men even middle class women, fans of ALL Ages were sharing their thoughts, opinions and hate on the situation. And it would not stop, over all the pages and comments I read I only managed to find 5 people who though Danielson "sucked" or doesn't deserve to be in the WWE. That tells you something. Every time you refresh the page at least 15 new comments are made. I made a comment sharing my view on the situation, looked through some other comments and a mere 5 minutes later when I refreshed the page I couldn't find my comment. The whole page thing is filled with Daniel Bryan Comments as of now!

Anyways my thing is that many fans threatened to keep on posting their arguements and such until Daniel Bryan is re-signed. Well WWE it's probaly gonna be a rough 90 Days on that page. But what's your reaction to the situation? Not to Daniel Bryan's firing but mainly the whole Facebook page thing. Man I haven't even checked my Myspace! A lot of fans are still hot about this, especially since this NXT angle at first started with Daniel Bryan and Micheal Cole's bickerings. And they way they written him out (Sympathy WWE? He choked Justin Roberts with a tie who infact is not a wrestler and spit in Cena's face, Sympathy really WWE that's it?) But anyways that's a wrap! Here are the links to the PW Insider Page and WWE Universe Facebook page.


WWE Universe Facebook Page: