Is Ryan Dinwiddie the Answer for Winnipeg Blue Bombers?

Matt EichelSenior Writer IJuly 24, 2008

Completing 24 of 39 passing attempts for 450 yards, one TD, and no interceptions is pretty good for a second career CFL start, let alone a second professional football start.

He also helped the struggling Winnipeg Blue Bomber offense start clicking along with Romby Bryant, RJ Franklin, and Derek Armstrong.

But is Ryan Dinwiddie the answer for the Bombers?

Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the biggest Ryan Dinwiddie supporters, even when the Bombers lost the Grey Cup last season.  But now with a game under his belt that isn't a big time loss, can Dinwiddie deliver on a consistent basis such as he did Thursday night at CanadInns Stadium?

Let's sure hope so.

When stacked up against other CFL quarterbacks first two career starts, Dinwiddie's numbers blew the competition out of the water, including Edmonton's Ricky Rae, Montreal's Anthony Calvillo, and even Blue Bomber QB Kevin Glenn.  The yardage and TD rate of Dinwiddie's first two starts blew the pants off even proven CFL QBs who have won Grey Cups.

With the chemistry that has seemed to form between Dinwiddie and Bryant, as seen in the last touchdown pass with 12 seconds to play, the Bombers offense seems to finally have shaken off the dust and put the pedal to the metal.

Dinwiddie seemed confident.  Composed.  And most of all, he looked more like a veteran, making smarter decisions than in last year's Grey Cup game.

In Winnipeg's 32-28 win over the Calgary Stampeders, Dinwiddie had time in the pocket to deliver pin-point accuracy throws to his receivers.  Even if flushed out the pocket, he managed to get room and time to make the important throws.  

And to top it off, seen many times in the Calgary game, Dinwiddie and RB Charles Roberts would fake the handoff, yet Dinwiddie was said to be more animated when doing a hand-off or a fake hand-off than Bomber starting QB Kevin Glenn.

Ryan Dinwiddie has certainly learned a great deal since last year's Grey Cup game. After coming into the game in Vancouver last week, Dinwiddie seems to be on the right page.

He's coming to salvage a team at the most important time of the season.  Dinwiddie could become the star in Winnipeg.  But can he post numbers such as he did against Calgary every night?

We'll find out next week in Dinwiddie's toughest test Toronto, against Kerry Joseph's Argonauts.