WWE Fatal-4 Way: Six Reasons Why Edge Will Walk Out WWE Champion

Nicholas LeVackContributor IIJune 16, 2010

Among the WWE's world championship regulars of the past few years, Edge has been one of the most loved by the IWC, as well as highly regarded within the WWE.

His feuds with The Undertaker and John Cena are classics, each pitting Edge in roles that suited his Ultimate Opportunist persona.

This Sunday at WWE's newest pay-per-view, Fatal 4-Way, Edge once more has an opportunity at gold when he takes on Sheamus, John Cena, and Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

People have already stated their cases for Edge's opponents coming out world champion. Now let's look at the six reasons why the "Rated R Superstar" could be the next WWE Champion.


1. Randy Orton needs to dominate RAW.

One point I liked in an article describing Randy's potential to win at Fatal 4-Way explained that his new face turn would get over better with the added momentum of a solid world championship run.

His reign would invariably lead to a feud with Edge, but wouldn't it perhaps be better if Edge became champion and Orton challenges him?

The fans are already hot on their rivalry. Adding the world title into the mix would definitely intensify things. But should Edge win in some opportunistic fashion—preferably  by screwing over Randy Orton—there would be an additional increase in heat between these two, making their WWE Championship feud really hit the ground running in terms of fan interest.


2. Edge is the Ultimate Opportunist.

It's been a while since the WWE has really played on Edge being the "Ultimate Opportunist." Nothing he's done lately has been a true testament to that moniker.

With the "anything can happen" mantra being used for the Fatal 4-Way matches, it makes sense that at least one of them should have a controversial finish. What better candidate for such an ending is there other than Edge?


3. June 7, 2009

That date was the last day of Edge's most recent world championship reign, making him the one who's gone without a world title the longest among the Fatal 4-Way participants.

Additionally, it has been years since his last world championship reign while being part of the RAW brand. Monday nights would do well to have a relatively "fresh" champion.


4. Edge is the Ultimate Transitional Champion.

While Edge might not like the fact, it's true that he has served as a transitional champion on several occasions throughout his main event history. His first WWE Championship reign, though it was played up quite well, still only lasted a month.

At Elimination Chamber 2009, Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship only for Cena to reclaim it at Wrestlemania. When Edge won the title back at Backlash, he returned to Smackdown only to lose it two pay-per-views later at Extreme Rules to Jeff Hardy.

It seems quite possible that Edge will be used as a catalyst for Randy Orton's face turn, just like they've done with him on numerous occasions over the past few years.

Because of him being so over as a heel, he's proved to be very reliable for that, whether to put a face over over (Jeff Hardy), give him momentum (Randy Orton), or create a feel-good moment for the WWE fans (John Cena at Wrestlemania 25).


5. John Cena's focus will be diverted.

It seems pretty likely that John Cena could be one of the main targets of the NXT invasion angle. Continued confrontation between Cena and the NXT 7 would mean putting the WWE Championship in the backseat, which I don't think the WWE would want.

Therefore, strapping the WWE Championship on someone else (Edge) while Cena deals with the NXT group would enable him to focus on that angle, while not taking away from the WWE Championship.


6. Randy Orton is injured.

While it would be a good story to have Randy Orton prevail over his injury, I think that moment should be saved for the culmination of a singles rivalry against Edge in particular, since it was he who the WWE billed as injuring Orton.

In a feud between these two, Edge could taunt Orton, saying that he's too injured to win leading up to their pay-per-view encounters, while also attempting to inflict additional damage to Randy's shoulder.

It would be similar to Edge's feud with Chris Jericho, but that's not a bad thing; this angle has been used very effectively and often in WWE's history. Now would be no different.



I believe the other articles on this subject all have strong points, but I fully believe Edge is the most likely of these four to walk out of Fatal 4-Way as WWE Champion. Come Sunday, the "Ultimate Opportunist" will once again reign as world champion.


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