U.S. Open Around The Corner!

Essence DashtarayContributor IJune 16, 2010

Golf fans have much to look forward to next weekend as the U.S. Open rolls around. With the tournament near in sight, here at Fantazzle we have some of your up-to-date news on some of golf’s well-known players.

Robert Allenby

According to sources, Robert Allenby may not have the chance to compete in this week’s U.S. Open after a wrist injury from fishing with his kids this past Sunday. At this point, the injury is so bad that he can’t squeeze his fist or hold the golf club. Keeping motivated, he says he will not make any final decisions until Thursday morning, but we all hope to see him on the green bright and early the day off.

Nick O’Hern

The last time we saw Nick O’Hern he was competing in the Players Championship where he tore the meniscus in his left knee. With a right knee that has also been bothering him the past couple years, Nick O’Hern decided to have both of knees repaired, giving fans a small chance that he will even return to competition by October. Look for updates on O’Hern’s progression.

Rocco Mediate

Rocco Mediate was given an amazing opportunity being the 156th and final entrant for the U.S. Open. Being the odd man out of the 6-for-5 playoff to complete the list of qualifiers, Mediate will have to work hard to keep up with some of the sport’s top golfers. Look out for Rocco Mediate during the U.S. Open.

Tiger Woods

After seven rough months in Tiger Woods persona life, he insists that his life is finally returning to normal and has high hopes heading into this week’s U.S. Open. Tiger will do whatever he can to keep his fans and attempt to win his 15th major when he tees off at Pebble Beach Thursday, having only played in five tournaments since his publicized leave of absence. It is no doubt that everyone will be having their eyes on Tiger Woods at the 2010 U.S. Open.

This year’s U.S. Open is surely one you will want to tune into, but before you change those channels, head over to Fantazzle and make your picks for free daily fantasy games with cash prizes!