Mark Richt: Using YouTube To Keep His Bulldogs' Heads in Check

Tyler EstepSenior Analyst IJuly 24, 2008


HOOVER, Ala.—YouTube consumes the lives of many. It's a way to kill time at work, not pay attention at school, or just exorcise the demons of boredom.

But amidst the highest expectations in Athens in recent memory, Georgia coach Mark Richt has used it to keep his players from developing a "sense of entitlement."

Richt was a volunteer assistant on the 1988 Florida State team, which, like some expect Georgia to be, was ranked No. 1 in many preseason polls.

Those Seminoles, led by the always-intelligent Deion Sanders, spent several days making a "Super Bowl Shuffle"-esque rap video called the "Seminole Rap." 

That seems like a great idea, right? 

Um. Not so much. The season opener against Miami? 33-0 'Canes. 

Thursday at SEC football media days, Richt, a former Miami quarterback, was asked if all the national championship hype "bothered" him.

He immediately launched into the aforementioned anecdote about that 1988 Florida State team, detailing his 'Noles' quest to be like the Bears on the mic. Meanwhile, the Hurricanes were actually practicing you know, uh, football, leading them to look "more like the Bears' defense" than a music video, Richt said.

The Bobby Bowden disciple went on to say that he showed his players a video of the "Seminole Rap" in light of all the national attention they have been garnering already.

"[The hype] would only bother me if I felt like our players used that as a sense of entitlement where they're saying, 'I don't have to work hard, I don't have to try hard,'" Richt said.

"I think our guys see this as an exciting opportunity to prepare even harder. That's been the thing I've told them, this could be a blessing or a curse depending on how you guys react to it."

Chip Towers of the AJC wrote that a compilation of preseason magazine polls done by the SEC had Ohio State as the consensus No. 1 and USC at No. 2 (he also reported that Richt said he refused to rank his Bulldogs No. 1).

But that said, the hype around Georgia is as great as it's been in years.

The thought behind Richt showing his team the video is obvious, simple, and as it should be—keep your head small, work hard, and, to borrow a line from Public Enemy, don't believe the hype. 

"Everybody says this, and everybody says that about Georgia," senior offensive lineman Jeff Owens said. 

"But if we go out there and lose to Georgia Southern in the first game of our season, who's going to think about Georgia? We're going to drop from the polls, we won't even be ranked. We just can't listen to the hype, and just go out and play Georgia football."

The ridiculous video (which is actually pretty entertaining, but not as good as the Bears, who actually play instruments in theirs; Calvin Thomas melts faces on the sax) is just another reinforcement, another way to show what can happen when you don't work hard.