Where is WWE heading?

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IJuly 24, 2008

C.M. Punk winning the World Heavyweight title was great. It was great for him, the fans, and WWE, in general, which was to be kind getting very stale.

If I had to see Edge vs. Undertaker or Cena in another title match, I was going to puke. What puzzles me is what they are doing with this new fresh champion.

Doing what they always do, dropping the ball.

You do take a new champion if you want him to have any credibility and make him look weak in his/her first PPV title defense.

 So now after the Bash where Kane did his run in, we are left to look at Punk like he cannot handle himself that he is just warming the belt for others. A transitional champion.

The next night on Raw was even worse. Once again, he was dead meat for Batista only to be saved by another run in this time by JBL. Who honestly can look at him as a credible champion now?

How are we supposed to believe he can beat big Dave when he is getting his belt saved every time he faces him? That is no way to get over a baby face champion.

Unless there is a major unforeseen heel turn in the future of C.M. Punk, this makes zero common sense to do to this potentially great champion.

This is some of the worst booking of a Champion I have ever witnessed. WWE is spoiling a good thing. Now we get Punk vs. JBL at Summerslam.

It will probably not even be a main event taking a back seat to a potential Cena vs. Batista match up. Is that anyway to treat a Champion? Not in my book.

If they had no intention of giving Punk a strong run, they should have never given him the belt. He deserves far better. He has earned his place the hard way, and he deserves more respect than he is getting from management.