Raw 6/14/10 Blog: NXT Invades, Pros Stand Together, & More

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2010

Last week NXT made a statement to the WWE and how they been treated by John Cena expense.

Later in the week Daniel Bryan was released due to being "To Violent".

Seven days went by s the WWE Universe waited for the most anticipated Raw in recent memory to see what the NXT Rookie's would do next. 

Monday Night Raw: 6/14/10

8:00-Promo to start the show, interested on what they are going to do about Daniel Bryan and how they are going to work him into the show.

8:02-Wade Barrett to start the show, hopefully to get some answers.

8:04-No Daniel Bryan.

8:05-Lawler, Cole and Roberts leave ringside, haven't seen that in a while.

8:06-Side Note-I bet Wade Barrett doesn't want to talk about Green letting that ball through. USA USA USA!

8:09-Daniel Bryan being booted off after not having remorse, he choked a ring announcer and spit on Cena.

8:11-Look's like there all being moved up to the main roster, but all on Raw?

8:13-WWF? Bret Hart let one slip. Bret doesn't ave the mic skill's he use to have. Wade Barrett Fired. 


8:18-I wonder if we are going to see a repeat of last week on the end of this Raw?

8:20-Idea Here-Earl Hebner vs. Nick Patrick to find out who is the best ref in history, but who would ref that match.

8:22-I like either Miz or Morrison in this match. My guy is saying Miz.

8:27-Why does Zack Ryder look like a short haired Bradley Cooper. Nice move by Morrison.

8:29-Three is not a charm for R-Truth.

8:30-I see blood, Ryder busted his mouth.

8:32-Miz is United States Champion again. I Came To Play is one of my favorite entrance songs.

8:40-Why are the Bella Twins always the first to appear with the Raw guest host?

8:43-Funny little segment with Ted Jr., Big Show and Mark F.

8:49-Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho. This could be a great win for Evan Bourne. 

8:52-Bourne kick's out. Bourne wins by a count out, a win's a win. That's 4 loses to Jericho.

8:53-Nice kick by Bourne, Air Bourne.

9:00-Radicals reference, oh I miss Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko and Saturn, now that was a good group.

9:02-Cena vs Barrett is going to be a good match, well here they come again.

9:03-Pro's vs Rookie's, I'm loving the brawl.

9:04-The War has just begun, Satino is going to keep an eye out for the Rookie's.

9:05-Side Note-I like how heels and faces are working together.

9:09-The New Age Radicals?

9:11-I honestly think Sheamus is so upset all the time because France hand balled a goal so Ireland couldn't get to the World Cup. I Am.

9:14-Divas tag match. Let's go Maryse. Lawler response to his comment, they put in more time on their hair than they do on their own matches.

9:18-Huge Card, there is only two matches. I love Mark F. he's funny as hell, I love the energy.

9:26-Can't Ted DiBiase just give money to Vince to host Raw.

9:28-There fans are really behind Big Show. Happy 48th Birthday to Virgil.

9:30-OK, Show has the hardest slap in wrestling.

9:31-THE WORM. Good Impression for me by Mark F.

9:32-Vintage Ted Jr. like his father..........Nevermind, he's so cheap. Darn Recession. Poor Virgil.

9:38-Side Note-UFC vs. WWE; Kozlov vs Cro Cop. Santino Marella has the best celebration.

9:49-Khali ad Henry saluting Cena, as Cena salutes to the locker room.

9:51-I would love to see the NXT season 2 Rookie's join in on the party.

9:53-I wonder when we will see who's behind the NXT7. Good match so far, everyone hitting their spots.

10:00-Fast Fun Fact-All 8 superstars in both titles matches are former World and/or WWE Champions.

Cena(7 WWE & 2 WHC), Edge(4 WWE & 5 WHC), Orton(5 WWE & 1 WHC) and Sheamus(1 WWE)- 25 Title Reigns.

Big Show(2 WWE), Punk(3 WWE), Rey Mysterio(1 WWE) and Swagger(1 WWE)-7 Title Reigns.

10:06-I really want to see NXT season 1 & 2 Rookie's come together.

10:08-Here we go, NXT7 is what I have been waiting for and they got Bret Hart.

10:09-Is Bryan Danielson driving that Limo? (Picture Above)

10:10-Bret Hart laid out and has a decision to make by Fatal 4 Way about the NXT7.

Fatal 4 Way will be an interesting show. Good show to follow up last week.

What did you like about the show and what didn't you like about the show?

Was Bryan Danielson driving the Limo?

Was the NXT7 Invasion a good follow up to last week?

Thanks for reading and see you next week for another blog.


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