My Heartfelt, Bitter Message To The WWE

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IJune 14, 2010

Hey guys and gals, I am back.

This article of mine is both a heartfelt and a bitter bulletin to the WWE.

Heartfelt because for me it was sad to say this to a company which I am a die hard fan and will always be.

This is bitter because “according to me at least” this is the vinegary truth.

The reason why I am writing this even though I am die-hard WWE fan is simple:

Just like any other IWC Member I am hoping that it indeed rings a bell in their minds and we fans get the product which we don’t criticize but love like we used to 3-4 years ago.

Now, there is not just one message but a couple of “messages” which I suppose I have for them.

Give More Importance to the Die-Hard Fans, Rather than the Irregular Fans 

By this statement I mean to say that the WWE should try to mould their product more in the favor of those Die-hard fans who never miss an episode and are updated with all the latest information and news about them.

On the flip side they should concentrate less on those casual fans that don’t watch WWE too often and won’t mind changing the channel or skipping a show or two.

First thing that I have to say is that such a thing does not mean that they bring back the Attitude Era and end the PG Era.

It means that they give us more of wrestling and less of senseless and un-wanted matches and storylines. E.g. Hornswoggle and Chavo Gurrero.

Just give us more of wrestling, less of these skits, and stop giving us those half cooked story lines.

I know that won’t be good enough but at least it will be nice for us fans to watch a show without the feeling of disappointment.

Now, this thing is actually an advantage for the WWE as well and here's how.

The Die-hard fans will watch the show even if the show is not satisfactory simply because they are crazy about the WWE (while the casual fans won’t as they are not crazy about it).

Now how does it help the WWE?

It’s simple, “RATINGS.” That’s right, the more the die-hard fans get to watch, the more ratings the WWE gets because they are hooked to it and don’t miss shows.

But, there is one more thing!

Ever since the product has become stale, many die-hard fans have lost that passion for the show.

So, if they mould the show for them then it will be obvious that they will be watching the show with more passion and of course it will affect the viewer ratings every week.

Not only this but a die-hard fan will never turn away from the show so gradually even the other members of his family (who are not that huge fans) might develop interest and may start watching WWE and hence more ratings.

So think it over Vince, it means more fun for us and on the flip side “MORE MONEY FOR YOU.”

An honorable mention to JVCXV my fellow writer and friend for somewhat being  a source for this message.


We Mature Wrestling Fans Are Not Dimwits’ 

This message is due to the Viewers Choice we had last week.

Now, I am not here to talk about something which already has been talked about but I do have a lot to say about it.

I don’t know if you guys would agree or not but to me almost every decision was taken by the WWE and our votes were useless.

Now let me prove my point by the following explanations.

First of all, here is a reason to explain as to why the mature audience might have voted more than the kids.

Now the point is that the children who don’t know that wrestling is scripted are between the age group of say 4-14 while the wrestling fans are from 4-60 age groups.

So, the children are in the minority while the “mature” fans who know that the WWE is scripted are obviously in majority.

Not only this, but as the show airs at night so many kids might already have gone to sleep so they might not have had the chance to vote.

Also, the adults or the mature fans have access to the Internet any time of the day, while for children they get only some time so obviously it would mean that the “mature” fans will have voted more.

One more thing is that due to the Time Difference across many countries the show might have aired in the early morning in some countries or in the afternoon and that is usually the time when kids go to school.

So with this I can conclude that all said and done, the mature fans would have easily voted a lot more than the kids could even have thought about.

Phew. So I guess that all of these many reasons I have given prove my point that many decisions were indeed determined by the WWE itself.

Let’s take a look between a few “self chosen” results:

First we had the Show and Jericho match, now every fan might have wanted a submission match as we know that both of them have a submission move; however we had a body slam contest.

I mean we all knew that Show was going to win, and only the “kids” would do such a thing where in they would ensure a loss for the heel and as I explained that they might have been out numbered so it does not make sense when we have that kind of match.

Then their was that tag team match up.

TBH Khali and Swoggle are the last team on earth which we want to see but still, out of nowhere, they put them in a match with The Hart Dynasty which was “useless” to say the least and such a decision by the fans would have been absolutely impossible to make; so this decision according to me was made on their own.

Then their was that dance off and I mean I will be honest here it was really fun and entertaining and I was enjoying myself but then I just asked myself “Is this RAW Rally?” I mean a “mature” fan would surely like to see them wrestle and not have a dance off.

So all said and done, WWE, we are no fools and we know that the results were indeed wielded by you. This is the proof of it.

For The Love of God Have Live with Pride and Grace and not Just Money


This is seriously a request to the WWE.

I mean I know people might not agree here and tell me that the WWE is a business company first but let me ask them this,

Can you be in Vince’s shoes and when you look down upon yourself can you feel just pride or feel and know the truth also?

It is simple guys, a “major and hot” company like the WWE should concentrate a bit more on pride as well.

I mean lets look at a few ways they are doing it


First of All the Viewers Choice Raw

Like I explained that our votes were almost useless and the show was to make us tune in and watch the NXT Invasion this proves that the WWE made us visit their website and made tons of money even though it was worth less.

I mean common guys, stop tricking us into stuff like that make money that people are happy to spend on you and not the one you maneuver from us.


Secondly, Replacing the Term “Fans” With the “WWE Universe”

Another way to increase visits to their web site.

I won’t call this a cheap marketing tactic but it sure as hell bugs me when I feel the commentators and the superstars marketing the WWE rather than speaking about their opponent whenever they talk with the WWE Universe.

I mean the term fans sounds better and seemed great but replacing it with the WWE Universe makes too much of one thing and hence I find this as a way too make people visit which will make them earn a lot of money.

More Care for Merchandise Sales and Less for the Wrestler

This is one more thing about the WWE I simply HATE.

I mean the WWE has been selling tons of merchandise from T-Shirts to Caps to DVD’s and have been marketing and caring about them well.

But where does the concern for the damn wrestlers go?

I mean these wrestlers are used by the WWE like they are their own creation and these guys are made to work like hell along with a really tight schedule.

Then there is the treatment offered to a few wrestlers, like I explained two articles ago as to how the WWE made fun of Vickie and Mickie just for more laughs even though it just ruined these two.

I hope this rings a bell and the WWE tries to achieve a higher level of pride and show some emotions and not be cold blooded.


My Cry for the Wrestlers

This is one thing which the WWE needs to ensure and that is giving the wrestlers what they deserve and not ill-treating them.

Now this is an extension of the last point I was making. There are many things I want to talk about over here.

First of all even though the WWE has done a good job by banning blood and chair shorts to the head but lets accept it: the schedule of the wrestlers is not easy at all.

I mean the traveling, the working out, attending shows, being with the trainer, technicians etc takes a lot of toll on the wrestlers.

Now who do they do it for? Simply for their boss who fired them with ease i.e. Vince Mac.

Now how does Vince repay them?

So in a way the way the WWE Thanks a wrestler is by kicking him off with out telling him and also by secretly asking him/her to be feel sorry for committing a mistake which made no sense while in the mean time the WWE markets that guys merchandise.

I mean, by asking them to no compete, the WWE in a way still has license over that wrestlers name and hence might use it to the fullest even though the wrestler has been kicked out and none of that money will go to him.

Then there is the way the WWE uses a few wrestlers in certain ways to suit their needs and in a way just kill their social life.

I mean it is fine to make jokes but they are good only till a certain limit. The WWE should not cross the limit all the time and be able to differentiate “kayfabe from reality”

Not only this but at least when a star is about to be fired and leaves, he/she deserves to walk of with his/her head held high and not in shame like Lita was literally used and thrown like garbage and like Batista was bid good bye recently.

I mean what a way to wish a top money earner in WWE an entry into a Hollywood with such a disgrace.

My request is Vince; please treat these wrestlers as “PERSONS.

Their body takes a lot of abuse and they deserve appreciation and acknowledgement and don’t deserve to be dumped like trash after being used like rag dolls.

A High Degree of Completeness and Perfection 

By saying this, I am trying to drive home the fact that the WWE should not give us those “half-assed” and those “not-so” well planned out twists and turns.

I mean the WWE needs to do all the things they do with perfection and leave no stone unturned when they are planning stuff.

The story lines should be choreographed in such a manner that we feel that the WWE provided it to us out of their love and affection for the fans and not because it is their necessity to do so.

Let us take the Drew-hardy story line for instance; I mean we know that Matt was injured but still he fought many matches.

But their rivalry never turned out like it should have. The various angles played out, the way the matches were booked, it all made no sense. It was a case of a great script with an awful screen play.

Now let’s look at the Edge and Jericho rivalry which In my opinion died a premature death.

We had two of the greatest superstars ever, the build up even with ought the interaction between the two of them was pretty great as well but then their was no degree of completeness in it.

I mean the WWE, took like 6 months of build up and gave us a good match at Mania and followed it up with an equally good one at ER however did that rivalry deserve only that much? The answer Hell No!

This rivalry should have goon on for one more PPV.

So the WWE and its creative staff need to out of their way to make the good story lines great.

Or lets take the example of The Miz and Jericho pairing, now I for one am no fan two random guys getting paired together but then I was looking forward to them as both are talkers.

But this team too died a pre-mature death.

The reason being that the creative staff just came through with plan, executed it the first and GONE! End of the story!


One more thing which I would like to add to it is that way the PPV’s are not doing fully according to the potential of the matches in it.

Lets look at Wrestlemania, it had potential to be one of the best in a couple of years however it just got screwed because it was not exactly what the fans wanted and above all was not choreographed well.

Same was the case for Over The Limit-It had tons of potential as well, the matches were great however the results were somewhat the ones we did not want to see, so all said and done they need to think of every aspect before making a choice.

They have to think of the positives and negatives of letting guy A win and similarly the positives and negatives having guy B loose.

So, Perfection and Consideration of every eerie thing is what the focus should be so that the “opportunities” that knock on the door are not flushed but are made full use of and utilized fully just like Vince utilizes the whole hell out of all the wrestlers.




This is my final message to Vince and his men, if they are reading: The IWC Is not a joke at all!

The fact that we always stand up for what we do and we are ready to take criticism is proof that we guys actually do care about the WWE.

I am not saying that you follow us or join our web site and make us heads but please don’t take it as a joke and give it importance.

Not only are we here to discuss opinions but write our opinion and the fact that many of us survive and get respect from our peers prove that we present great opinions of our own as well.

We are the “actual” wrestling fans for we care about the wrestlers as well and not about the show alone and like those casual ones who could not care less about the superstars.

As far as our rants go, they are not done because we are sadists those are done to show our love for the WWE.

We just hope that one day our rants ring a bell and they work out for the WWE, because at the end of that day we all are crazy and insane WWE fans.

As far as our creative ideas go, we are pretty good at that as well and think all this up, analyze all this for you!

Last but not the least we are not Gutless as Michael Cole would say because the fact that we stand up for what we say and are ready to stand criticism is ample proof that we got nerve.Ooh It’s true! It’s so damn true!!!

So what do you guys think? Did you agree with the points I touched up on or was I wrong? Please comment and tell me.

Any comments, criticism, compliment is accepted but please do let me know for sure!

BTW! This article is my way of thanking my fellow writer, supporter, and friend for penning down some really classy and well crafted articles so please do check out his articles at this profile page, here is a link to his page.



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