Devin Hester Is the Baby of the Week

Paul ErskineCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2008

About once a week, someone does something in the sporting world that catches my attention. So welcome to my first weekly blog. I’m sure I will tackle all sports, and all kinds of subjects, both the positives and the negatives. 

You can view it maybe as the highlight or lowlight of the week.

Without further ado, may I present this week’s winner: Devin Hester!

The rightful owner to the top spot on my crap list. What is this world coming to when a third-year, punt/kick-return specialist is holding out of training camp because his new deal is not done YET!

You see, the key word there is YET.

Now I don’t know about every other sports nerd in the world reading this, but I’m a poor college student who works 50 hours a week and makes $20,000 a year. Coming into his third year in the NFL, Devin Hester is upset because he is making $445,000 this year from his rookie contract.

Ah poor baby! 

Now, some may argue, "But he's Chicago’s No. 1 wide receiver as well."

And to that I say, "EXACTLY!"

Remember, we're talking about the Bears. Their so-called “No. 1” wide receiver who caught exactly 20 balls last year for an amazing 299 yards and two scores. Okay, so the man has returned 11 punts/kickoffs for TDs in the last two years. 

So cut that in half, add two, and with a little benefit of the doubt, Devin Hester scored eight TD last year, which is exactly 48 points. Add on the extra points, and he gets up to 56. Divide that by 16 games, and that gives us an astronomical 3.5 points per game. Wow, that will win you a lot of games...of golf!

I’m not saying the man does not deserve more money. But if you are holding out because your new contract, which is currently under negotiation, is not done yet, you deserve nothing more than a dead deer with two cherries on top.

I’m sorry, but I don’t care how good you are. Lots of players sign rookie contracts and become stars before that contract is up. Deal with it!

Marcus McNeil and Antoine Bethea: Both are Pro Bowlers, both were drafted the same year, and both are making around the same amount of money this year as Mr. Devin. Do you hear them complaining? Didn’t think so.

Chicago should take a page out of the Bengals' book. Tell him if he is gonna be a baby, then sit out. Once those fines start piling up, he will be there, you can count on it.

And even if he shows up and still does not wanna give it his all, you better believe that on Sept. 7, at 7:16 PM, when he sees the Colts' special teams coming after him like a fat man chasing a cheeseburger, he is gonna move or he will be in a wheel chair.

So, a word to the wise, Chicago. Tell him to stick a fork in it and play. If he does not want to, tell him to go play football in Greece with Josh Childress. Maybe they will pay him to return all his air balls!