Michigan Football: What Might Have Been

Ryan Senior Writer IJuly 24, 2008

Before Rich Rodriguez became the anti-Christ of Ann Arbor, before Greg Schiano and Les Miles turned down the vacant head coaching job for the Wolverines, Kirk Ferentz's name popped into the discussion.

Which is confusing because Ferentz was successful in 2004. Since then? Not so much. But once upon a time, it is believed that someone in the Michigan athletic department wanted Ferentz.

At first, he seemed like an ethical choice with good character, if you ignored questionable characters and the housing scam he helped operate (from Jim Carty at Mgolive.com):

"Iowa City, Ia.—University of Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz, who earned $1,950,000 last year, lives in a $946,000 house—one advantage of being the state government's highest-paid employee.

Ferentz's son, Brian, a football player for the Hawkeyes, lived dirt-cheap this past school year in an apartment complex that was built for the poor—an advantage of being a college student with little or no income in the eyes of the federal government.

But as a full-scholarship athlete, Brian Ferentz receives free tuition, and the university also pays him $406 a month for housing and $298 a month for food and other college expenses.

Ferentz is not the only student to avail himself of taxpayer-subsidized housing.

Roughly 200 U of I students, including dozens of athletes, lived this past school year in apartments in Iowa City that are intended for needy families, elderly people and people with disabilities."


But despite the fact that at one point, 10 percent of the team had run into trouble with law enforcement, nothing was made nationally of the situation at Iowa.  Ferentz had disciplined those in question and all was well.

Well now it's going down. (From the Fanhouse:)

"In a letter sent last fall to UI officials that she provided Thursday to the Press-Citizen, the alleged victim's mother chronicled the process she and her family followed and the university's response during a five-week period following the October 2007 alleged assault at Hillcrest Residence Hall.

"University of Iowa's character was non-existent. It is disappointing to say the very least," the alleged victim's mother said in a phone interview. "We were told the school will take care of it. We will keep it in house. We will be swift. We will be just, and you don't have to worry about it."

Uh, Hawkeyes, we have a problem. The gist of the story:

  • Cedric Everson and Abe Satterfield, Hawkeyes players, had non-consensual sex with another Iowa student.
  • The university suspends the two but pressures the victim to handling things "in house." Somehow, this allows Everson to move in with his girlfriend three doors down from the victim.  The university does nothing until the victim has to file more formal charges.

Toss in the fact that an Iowa recruit was busted on the 20th for public intoxication, leading to eight cops chasing him while sans-clothing, and things are a bit hairy.

There was also talk of a ghost room—a room registered to a third Iowa athlete that wasn't occupied. This quote covers it (from above piece):

"Speaking of dorm rooms, the alleged assault occurred in a 'ghost room,' registered to a third player but unoccupied. After the incident, according to affidavits obtained by the Press-Citizen, Ferentz ordered the player to reoccupy the room, and a different player moved into the room as well. The room was never secured, evidence was never gathered from it, and the incoming players cleaned all the mess from the alleged assault."

Well now.  It appears Iowa wanted to keep it "in house" to salvage the careers of two players who don't even deserve to be on the streets, let alone a college university. Maybe this will finally bring things to light nationally, leading to the rightful firing of just about everyone involved.

And to think, Michigan could be dealing with all of this drama, leading to the university firing it's new coach six months after hiring him. PHEW!

I guess we'll just have to live with the guy in the wizard hat, right Joe Tiller? 


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