Stakes in Afghanistan war just increased tremendouly

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Stakes in Afghanistan war just increased tremendouly

I usually try not to write articles that don’t focus on the National Football League, but I had to say my peace with the BP oil spill and now I have to say my peace with the war in Afghanistan with its recent developments, especially with my neighbor right above my apartment whose two sons are serving our country in Iraq right now and will be surely shifted to Afghanistan once Iraq is stable.

The war in Afghanistan to me has always been an important and vital key to American security as the war torn country doesn’t have a stable government due to no real existing economy to rely on. That is until now.

According to the New York Times, via MSNBC, the Pentagon and American geologists have discovered huge amounts of untapped mineral deposits in the war torn country that includes lithium, which is the main component in making batteries for laptops and blackberries, which total nearly one trillion dollars.

That means it is vital more than ever to ensure that a stable government is developed in Afghanistan as if the Taliban were to take over control the country al qaeda would then have vast resources to develop bases, biological weapons, and training that would surely be used to attack our country.

Also, without a stable government many corrupt political countries would then bribe an official to be awarded a contract to a mine to fill their need of resources to develop armies that can be used for destruction.

According to the report, “Just last year, Afghanistan’s minister of mines was accused by American officials of accepting a $30 million bribe to award China the rights to develop its copper mine.”

China already has a vast army and nuclear weapons program and if contracts are constantly awarded to countries like China, Iran, and North Korea our grand children could be engulfed in World War III, which could also mean the end to our planet.

Also, many Afghanistan people will be enslaved to work the mines if we don’t make sure it is done right.

In the end, if it takes 50 years to develop the mines and stabilize the country then that is what we need to do as a country and as much we miss our family members who have put themselves in harms way the lives or our unborn children and freedom of the people of Afghanistan far out weigh our own selfish needs.

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