An Open Letter to Manny Pacquiao: How to Lead a Humble Life

CJ JamesContributor IJune 14, 2010

An open letter, in homage to the god-fearing, humble, man of the people, Manny Pacquiao.

Who, unlike the bling wearing, rap loving, baseball cap wearing Floyd Mayweather, lives a charitable life of solitude and quiet reflection in a mud hut somewhere in the Fillipines where he passes his time knitting, doing charity work, and thanking god for his vast, vast wealth.

You don’t though do you. Be honest. You make Mayweather look like a monk.

The staggering, totally non-celebrity, life of Manny Pacquiao.

With all of your charity work, and god-fearing, I was just wondering when you possibly had the time in 2000 to make your acting debut in the movie “Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin?"

How about your 2001 follow up, “Mahal Kita... Kahit Sino Ka Pa?"

Is one movie a year enough for your average god-fearing goat herder? Of course not, so let’s also have “Basagan ng Mukha” in 2001.

In 2005, the humble Pacquiao, who hates the celebrity life, finally got his big screen break in “The Licensed Fist."

In 2008, he starred in “Anak ng Kumander." As stated previously, Manny hates the celebrity lifestyle, quite obviously.

Come on! Even god-fearing, humble types, who hate the celebrity life, can’t survive on one movie a year. So let’s add “Brown Soup Thing” 2008 as well.

With the spare time he had from quiet contemplation and prayer, Manny also squeezed in the movie “Pangarap Kong Jackpot” as well.

Other than being schooled by Marquez, Manny seems to have spent most of 2008 filming movies.

In 2009 he brought us the classic “Wapakman,” which won 18,000 Oscars that Manny donated to charity, not personally liking the celebrity lifestyle and glamour.

You’d think this sort of resume would be enough for your average goat herder. But you’d be wrong. Manny also does TV!

In 2005, I’m assuming between charity work and god fearing, he starred in the show “Kamao: Matira Ang Matibay."

In 2005, it couldn’t have been a very good year for the village folk of the Fillipines, as he also starred in the TV show “Ok Fine Whatever."

In 2009, he starred in “Pinoy Records." If only Mayweather could share this humble, god-fearing, non-celebrity lifestyle.

Come on, you know how it’s going. Was that it for 2009? No, he also starred in the TV series “Totoy Bato!"

Man, the orphans must have gone hungry that year as he also starred in the TV series “Show Me Da Manny." Classy and totally non-celebrity, you should understand. I think it’s a documentary about farming, orphans, and god fearing.

I’d love to say this is over as my fingers are starting to get tired, but I’m afraid there’s more, totally non-celebrity, god-fearing work that was NOT done for personal profit or to cash in on one’s celebrity.

He’s also a musician…

In 2006, he released his debut album “Laban Nating Lahat Ito."

In 2007, he followed it up with “Pac-Man Punch." With duets with such notables such god-fearing notables as Willie Wilcox, and Nemesis Yankee.

In 2007, with some spare time between his charity work and god-fearing, he also launched his record label, GMA records.

Is that it, please! No. You must hear more.

He also owns a basketball franchise, the MP-Gensan Warriors. He also plays in the league himself.

I’d just like to applaud you Manny, for your devotion to charity work and total avoidance of all known celebrity culture. The fact that you are so humble and god-fearing almost brings a tear to your eye.

By humble and god-fearing, I mean the few months he hasn’t spent in the last decade either boxing, making movies, making TV shows, recording albums, launching record labels, and buying basketball franchises.

The celebrity-obsessed Floyd Mayweather, who’s only TV appearances in the last 12 years have been a few weeks on the WWE and Dancing With the Stars, can surely learn a lot from you.

Does he not know that living a humble, god-fearing life, a non-celebrity life is achieved by cashing in on endless movies, and appearing in endless TV series, and releasing albums, and owning record labels, and owning sports franchises!

Yours, CJ James