Premier League: Who Will Win The Race This Season?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 24, 2008

Ever since last season ended the question has been batted around as to who will win the new and upcoming season.

All of the new clubs like Hull, Stoke, and West Brom will start the new campaign and be hoping to stay up.

The top four of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool will all be trying to grab the Premier League title.

Teams like Aston Villa, Everton, Spurs, and Portsmouth will be aiming for UEFA Cup spots.

The rest will be battling it out in mid-table.

This is my guess as to what will happen:

 1.  Manchester United

 2.  Arsenal

 3.  Chelsea

 4.  Liverpool

 5.  Portsmouth

 6.  Tottenham

 7.  Everton

 8.  Aston Villa

 9.  Manchester City 

10. Sunderland 

11. Blackburn

12. Newcastle

13. West Ham

14. Hull

15. Wigan

16. Middlesbough

17. West Brom

18. Fulham

19. Bolten 

20. Stoke

This is the way I think it will go, but, hey, it's only my opinion. It would be great to hear from you guys and girls to see if you agree or disagree.