Who Are You Fooling Jake Shields? You'll Sign with the UFC.

Lauren CullenContributor IJune 13, 2010

If you're an MMA fan and don't know who Jake Shields is, look him up.

He currently holds the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship Belt, which he successfully defended against former Pride Champion and UFC veteran Dan Henderson.

He is also highly ranked in two weight classes by both Sports Illustrated and Inside MMA.

Recently, his non-excusive negotiation period expired, and he's now free to speak to other organizations.

Currently it seems that the UFC and Strikeforce are going head to head to sign Jake Shields, but we all know that it's looking like UFC is going to be the winner.

Jake Shields has been seen at various UFC events looking all cozy with Dana White, which only fuels the rumors that he will decide to chose the UFC. Not only that but, his facebook seems to be bombarded with comments from people congratulating for signing with the UFC, including former Light Heavyweight Champion, Loyto Machida (however, there have been arguments to the validity of this profile.

Jake Shields has also stated that he is not happy with the talent and fights he is receiving while fighting for Strikeforce.  This only strengthens my feelings that he will sign with the UFC.

What would be more exciting seeing Jake Shields fight Georges St-Pierre or Anderson Silva, two fighters MMA fans would love to see him fight?

And quite frankly Jake, if you want to be the best, you have to be the best. And in my opinion the best fighters in the two weight classes he fights in are in the UFC.

The UFC could also be better for him if he was concerned about the money.

Seems to me the only logical choice would be to chose UFC over Strikeforce. We all know that will happen. So why make us wait? Make your choice.

(Dana White has hinted that he is closer to signing Jake Shields after UFC 115. Jake Shields attended UFC 115 to support Chuck Liddell. He was seen sitting with Dana White.)