Philadelphia vs. FC Gold Pride: A Play-By-Play (and Other Miscellany)

Jo-Ryan SalazarSenior Analyst IJune 14, 2010

T-60 minutes to kickoff: While the FIFA World Cup is charting its course, the women's game rolls right along.

Today's play-by-play will feature the Philadelphia Independence vs. FC Gold Pride, two top teams in Women's Professional Soccer. The winner of this match will not only be first on the ladder, but will wrap up top honors for the week on the edition of the Power Rankings. Both Albertin Montoya's Pride and Paul Riley's Indies are at full throttle right now.

The match is here at John A. Farrell Stadium, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Hot and humid conditions are in the horizon today; it's summer down here.

T-50: FC Gold Pride is coming off a 1-1 draw with the second-place Washington Freedom, and is 5-2-1 this season. Philadelphia's last match was a 2-1 victory at Farrell over Sky Blue FC and are currently 4-2-2.

T-40: Marta leads FC Gold Pride with four goals, while Shannon Boxx is leading the Lionesses of the East Bay with three assists. Nicole Barnhart has the fewest goals allowed per game (0.88), and ther most shutouts (4).

T-30: The scoring diversity on the Philadelphia lineup features Lori Lindsey, Allison Falk, Amy Rodriguez and Lianne Sanderson, each with two goals to their credit. Lindsey also leads the Indies with four assists.

T-15: Here are the line-ups for the two sides.



Manager: Paul Riley

Formation: 4-4-2

Colors: Gray jerseys, gray shorts, gray socks

23 Karina LeBlanc

26 Holmfridur Magnusdottir ---- 3 Allison Falk ---- 7 Sara Larsson ---- 2 Heather Mitts

17 Joanna Lohman ---- 4 Jen Buczkowski ---- 6 Lori Lindsey (C) ---- 25 Tina DiMartino

10 Lianne Sanderson ---- 8 Amy Rodriguez


15 Mikki Krzysik

16 Lyndsey Patterson

9 Caroline Seger

19 Danesha Adams

5 Sarah Senty

24 Estelle Johnson

12 Gina DiMartino

11 Karina Maruyama

21 Robyn Jones


Manager: Albertin Montoya

Formation 4-3-3

Colors: Gold tops, black shorts, gold socks

1 Nicole Barnhart

4 Rachel Buehler ---- 5 Katie Chapman ---- 9 Kandace Wilson ---- 13 Nikki Gracyzk

14 Becky Edwards ---- 20 Camille Abily ---- 77 Shannon Boxx

10 Marta ---- 12 Christine Sinclair (C) ---- 15 Tiffany Milbrett


19 Carrie Dew

8 Solveig Gulbrandsen

14 Kaley Fountain

2 Kimberley Yokers



1' - And we are off.

A chance by Christine Sinclair for Marta is broken up by Karina Leblanc. The first warning signal of the contests.

4' - We will be in for gridlock, as both sides jostle for better position in the middle third.

6' - Nothing too spectacular, as the defenses for both sides is unwilling to budge.

9' - How about that result by the USA men against England? You know, I am still not a fan of Bob Bradley just yet, but I can say he is making progress.

10' - Here's Sinclair with a through ball, but LeBlanc is there to snuff it out.

11' - A shot by Tiffeny Milbrett is 25 yards out but sails well over the crossbar for a Leblanc goal kick.

13' - Back come Philly. This is Lori Lindsey. Her set piece 25 yard out from the left side goes wide right for a Barnhart goal kick.

15' - So we are 15 minutes into the contest, and it's still scoreless.

17' - Here's Camille Abily. The French international's free kick had 1-0 Pride all over it, and Leblanc with the diving save.

20' - Set piece time for the Indies. It's Lindsey to take, and a corner from the left side finds Hlmfridur Magnusdottir on the header but she fails to finish, watching the ball sail wide right.

21' - And Allison Falk is shaken up. This doesn't look good for Philly one bit, as they are down to 10 players for the time being.

22' - Here's Marta with a scorching blast from 10 yard out on the ride side. Leblanc with another save. She has been doing the work early, the Canadian international and former teammate of Marta during their days with the now-defunct Los Angeles Sol.

Another chance from Abily, 25 yard away, and another save for Leblanc.

24' - Back come the Indies. A corner kick by Lori Lindsey is parried away by Nicole Barnhart.

25' - Another corner for Lindsey, but this time, the Pride defense heads that aside.

27' - Substitution Philadelphia Independence

IN 15 Nikki Krzysik

OUT 3 Allison Falk

28' - Yellow card 2 Heather Mitts, Philadelphia Independence

The home crowd won't like that one but it was a harsh challenge on Marta nonetheless, so there shouldn't be any complaining to be honest.

30' - This is Camille Abily with the free kick from 15 yards out neat the left touch line. Leblanc is there to make the stop.

33' - Back comes Philadelphia on attack. Amy Rodriguez was dangerous up the middle, but Barnhart won't let her proceed as she breaks up her opportunity

35' - We are 35 minutes into the contest, and it's a scoreless game so far.

37' - Marta with a delivery from the left to Tiffeny Milbrett near the top of the 18. The Philadelphia defense won't let the No. 15 in gold get a volley out.

38' - Christine Sinclair's chance from 19 yards out goes high. Goal kick Leblanc.

41' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 12 Christine Sinclair Assist 10 Marta

Our first goal of the contest. Finally Marta is able to get the delivery to the left side down pat for Sinclair's fourth goal of the season. Easy as you like from eight yards out; it's 1-0 Pride.

43' - The Lionesses of the East Bay have officially put the Indies on notice for the rest of the match. Abily with a high volley from 25 yards away.

45' - Sinclair is now shaken up and the team will take a look at her into the break. One minute of stoppage time.

45' + 1' - We head into the break, and it's 1-0 FC Gold Pride.


Philadelphia Independence 0

FC Gold Pride 1
Christine Sinclair 41'


46' - The second half is underway. Can the Pride consolidate their lead, or will Philly get the rally going?

47' - This is Rodriguez with a long pass inside the 18. The Gold Pride defense buckles down for a block.

50' - Earlier today, Slovenia—the USA's next opponent in the FIFA World Cup—defeated Algeria 1-0.

53' - We are back to a midfield possession battle, with the Indies and the Lionesses of the East Bay showing what their defensive ability can do.

54' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 10 Marta

Consolidation is the name of the game for the Brazilian striker, who receives a pass from Shannon Boxx on the right. From there, an easy tap-in from six yards out gives the Lionesses of the East Bay a 2-0 lead.

55' - In other action today, the Boston Breakers lost to Sky Blue FC 2-1.

That chance by Lianne Sanderson was about to make this a 1-1 game, but Philadelphia was called offsides.

57' - Substitution Philadelphia Independence

IN 9 Caroline Seger

OUT 4 Jen Buczkowski

Now Philly is on the offensive. Icelandic international Holmfridur Magnusdottir's shot inside the box is defended nicely.

60' - Sanderson with the cross, but Lindsey heads it wide left.

61' - The Pride defense buckles down again, defending another Lindsey corner. Boy, the Lionesses are defending their turf with a voracious tenacity.

Substitution FC Gold Pride

IN 19 Carrie Dew

OUT 20 Camille Abily

Another corner by Lindsey is denied by the Pride.

62' - Here's Rodriguez with a shot. Wide left. The West Chester faithful are enjoying the courage of the Independence right now, as FC Gold Pride continues to frustrate Lindsey with their defending.

71' - Substitution FC Gold Pride

IN 8 Solveig Gulbrandsen

OUT 15 Tiffeny Milbrett

72' - This is Tina DiMartino. A pass to Sanderson down the middle sees Barnhart come off her line for the save.

75' - Here is the Pride's very own Candace Chapman, with a set piece opportunity from 35 yards away. A leaping save by Karina LeBlanc brings the Indies fans to their feet at John A. Farrell Stadium in West Chester.

76' - Substitution FC Gold Pride

IN 14 Kaley Fountain

OUT 9 Kandace Wilson

Substitution Philadelphia Independence

IN 16 Lyndsey Patterson

OUT 17 Joanna Lohman

78' - Sanderson with a chance from 10 yard away. Just misses the right post. That would have made it 2-1.

80' - GOAL! Philadelphia Independence 25 Tina DiMartino

Could a late rally be in order for Paul Riley's club? Lyndsey Patterson's angled pass on the left side found DiMartino down the middle for a 2-1 Gold Pride lead.

82' - Four straight corners for Lori Lindsey. All denied by FC Gold Pride. That sums up what has been a futile evening for the Indies captain.

87' - An ambitious one-timer from Magnusdottir from 25 yards away nearly makes it 2-2, but just clears the crossbar.

88' - GOAL! FC Gold Pride 10 Marta

This may just about seal here. And this time it was Becky Edwards with the feed to Marta, and there was nothing Leblanc could do, as the Brazilian's reactions were quicker. It's 3-1 FC Gold Pride, and some of the fans have seen enough.

90' - Three minutes of stoppage time added.

90' + 2' - A chance for a consolation goal by Lori Lindsey off the set piece from 35 yards away goes over the end line.

90' + 3' - That's a wrap!


Tina DiMartino 80'
Christine Sinclair 41'
Marta 54', 88'


Stay tuned for the next edition of the WPS Power Rankings on The View and Bleacher Report.


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