WWE Fatal 4-Way Preview: Seven Reasons Why Randy Orton Can Win the WWE Title

Dan PowerSenior Analyst INovember 3, 2016

After Wrestlemania 26, a new chapter in Randy Orton's career has been closed. From the end of 2008 to April this year, he was the leader of Legacy. 

With Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase at his side, Orton exchanged the WWE Championship with John Cena throughout 2009, with the latter getting the upper hand in the end.

The Viper is now due for a solid and long reign and he deserves to really shine by defeating his opponents at the next pay-per-view.

That being said, I would like to present you seven reasons why he should win at Fatal 4-Way. 


1. To show his superhuman endurance 

By making him win despite his shoulder injury, he would get a different kind of push from the WWE creative team.

The fans like to see superhuman qualities in wrestlers, and Randy Orton seems due for a big face push. That would really put him over with the ''unconquered'' fans.

He is the less expected to win due to his injury; not many may see him overcoming the odds of three opponents and an obvious handicap.

Randy Orton has never really been the underdog in a match so he could play this card to add something new to his character.

By winning the belt, he would earn a new respect for suffering and giving all to emerge as the new champion.


2. He is on the wrong side of the beating lately.

Edge got the upper hand on Orton in the last episodes of Raw, and a wrestler on the wrong side of a beating tends to win at the following pay-per-view.

This assessment is not always true, but it a known tendency from WWE. So, that is a good point for Orton.


3. Revenge on Edge

Orton will want to exact revenge from his current nemesis—that means an additional motivation and increased aggression factor to pin Edge, thus winning the coveted Gold.

If the Apex Predator wins, that will make Edge even madder than he is, which would make good TV. That would add even more spice to an already intense feud and WWE seems to be looking for grueling feuds lately.


4. John Cena in bad shape and NXT

Cena won't be in great shape at Fatal 4-Way due to NXT's assault. He left the arena on a stretcher with a neck-brace.

Following that instant classic Raw segment, Cena will have to drop the belt to continue the storyline with the evil NXT stable.

By losing the championship that way, he got an excuse and he doesn't need the belt to counter-strike NXT.

In addition, Sheamus will focus on him while Orton has his attention on Edge.


5. If Orton were really injured, he would not wrestle at Fatal 4-Way.  

At the pay-per-view, we might discover his shoulder injury is not legit. 

Realistically, WWE would not let him compete if he was really injured. They would not take a chance to incapacitate one of their rising icons permanently.

He is a future legendary veteran, so they can't risk a career-ending injury. 


6. Experience

He got a vast experience in multiple opponents matches; he has not always been on the winning end, but he learned from his past mistakes.

He also learned from the best about how to win with an injured arm. His father is legendary for wrestling with a broken arm and a cast; he knows how to take advantage of such condition and he will show it.

His opponents will underestimate him and they will pay the price.


7. He is The Viper. He is the Apex Predator

You can beat him down, but you can never count him out. He is sneaky and powerful; he is not a powerhouse, but he knows how to hurt opponents.

As The Viper, he will always find a way to hit at the less expected moment. As the Apex Predator, he will always end on the top of the food chain. The Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view won't be an exception.


What do you all think? Will Randy Orton take home the belt?