TNA Slammiversary 2010: BR Prediction League

Josh Logan@@IAMCalamityAnalyst IJune 13, 2010

Eight years in the making and TNA has returned to blow all of our minds with Slammiversary VIII.

Dixie Carter has announced that something will change TNA forever.  Will we find out tonight?

Will Sting ever give us the reason for him "turning his back" on TNA?

Will Hulk Hogan ever stop being involved with Wrestling?

Enough questions and banter, it's time for the No. 2 Wrestling Company in America's most storied PPV of the year!


Slammiversary VIII

Match One - TNA World Heavyweight Champion RVD vs Sting - 5 points

Match Two - Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson vs Beer Money, Inc. - 3 points

Match Three - Kurt Angle vs No. 10 Contender Kazarian - 2 points

Match Four - X-Division Champion Douglas Williams vs Kendrick - 4 points

Match Five - Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne vs Roxxi - 3 points

Match Six - (Monster's Ball Match) Abyss w/Chelsea vs Desmond Wolfe - 3 points

Match Seven - AJ Styles vs Jay Lethal - 4 points

Match Eight - Matt Morgan vs Hernandez - 2 points

Match Nine - Brother Ray vs Jesse Neal - 2 points


Bonus One - Will Ric Flair get involved with AJ or Kazarian's Match? - 2 points

Bonus Two - Will Sting vs RVD end clean (Pinfall or submission without weapon shot or interference)? - 2 points

Bonus Three - (Free Points for answering) What do you think Dixie's news will be? - 2 points


Upset Award is in effect for every match!


Follow these simple directions of Copy/then paste/then fill in



Happy Predicting Day!