Which WrestleMania Was Better: WrestleMania X-Seven or WrestleMania XIX?

The Lord Of DarknessContributor IJune 12, 2010

Throughout the years...

People have pondered, which is the greatest WrestleMania of all time? The answer is invariably WrestleMania X-Seven or XIX. Which is the better `Mania? Let's check out the tale of the tape.

WrestleMania X-Seven

  1. Dark Match - Justin Credible & X-Pac vs Steve Blackman & Grand Master Sexay
  2. Chris Jericho(c) vs William Regal - WWF Intercontinental Championship
  3. Tazz & APA vs Right to Sensor (The Goodfather, Val Venis and Bull Buchanan)
  4. Kane vs Raven (c) and Big Show - WWF Hardcore Championship
  5. Eddie Guerrero vs Test (c) - WWF European Championship
  6. Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
  7. Chyna vs Ivory (c)
  8. Shane McMahon defeated Vince McMahon - Street Fight; Foley as special guest referee.
  9. E&C vs The Dudleyz vs The Hardyz - TLC for WWF Tag Team Championship
  10. Gimmick Battle Royal - Iron Shiek won
  11. The Undertaker vs Triple H - Streak match
  12. Stone Cold vs The Rock - WWF Championship

The attendance at the Reliant Astrodome was 67,925.


WrestleMania XIX

  1. Dark Match - Lance Storm and Chief Morly (c) vs Kane and RVD
  2. Matt Hardy (c) vs Rey Mysterio WWE Cruiserweight Championship
  3. The Undertaker vs Big Show & A-Train - Handicap Streak Match
  4. Trish Stratus vs Victoria (c) vs Jazz - Womens Championship
  5. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs Los Guerreros vs Rhyno and Chris Benoit - WWE Tag Team Title
  6. Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho
  7. Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson vs Kitana Baker and Tanya Ballinger - Pillow fight
  8. Triple H(c) vs Booker T - World Heavyweight Championship
  9. Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon - Street Fight
  10. The Rock vs Stone Cold
  11. Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

The Attendance was 54,097

Dark Match: WrestleMania XIX seems a better dark match than X-Seven

Opening Match: Chris Jericho vs William Regal was a great opening match.

Streak Match: No question here, WrestleMania X-Seven was much better than the counterpart.

World Title Match: There was no World Title match at WrestleMania X-Seven

WWE Title Match: This one is a toss up because both matches contained great Wrestling ability, although Rock/Austin appealed to the fans more. You choose which match was better: Stone Cold vs The Rock or Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar. I choose Rock vs Austin though.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: WrestleMania X-Seven, no doubt, an amazing TLC match.

World Tag Team Title Match: There was no World Tag title at WM X-Seven.

Wrestling Match: It's either Y2J vs HBK or Angle vs Benoit, and I choose the latter. WrestleMania X-Seven once again wins.

Flaws: WrestleMania X-Seven: Gimmick Battle Royal, and as far as diva's matches go, they were good. 1 Flaw.

Flaws: WrestleMania XIX: The Undertaker vs Big Show & A-Train, Diva Pillow Fight, Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon, (for a World Title Match, this was very bad-->) Triple H vs Booker T.