UFC 115 Liddell vs. Franklin Live Blog & Results From Vancouver

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IJune 12, 2010

Bleacher Report is live, cageside for the fastest sell out in UFC history.

For the fan's in attendance it has been a long time coming, but UFC 115 is finally here and everything is ready to go here in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

I'll be here all night to keep you up to date with the latest action from GM Place, follow me on Twitter @GCParf

First fight is 4:20 PST and remember to tune into Spike for the free pre-lims at 6:00 PST featuring Danzig vs Wiman and Griffin vs Dunham. The PPV  and main card fights start at 7:00 PST.

Refresh regularly folks! 

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So in the famous words of Mike Goldberg, "Here We Go!"

Fights are in reverse order:

Chuck Liddell vs Rich Franklin

Main Event Time! Cheick Kongo is cageside. Good reaction for Franklin as he enters to ACDC. Liddell enters to his Eminem tune, best reaction of the night, there is still a lot of Chuck fans around. Standing ovation as Bruce Buffer introduces the fighters for the Main Event of UFC 115 in Vancouver.

Rd 1 - The building is electric. Chuck is stalking Rich. Liddell throws a few kicks at Franklin, good exchanges on the feet, TD by Chuck! Frankin gets up though. Chuck lands a bit right but Rich comes back with his own! Both men are swinging! It's over, Franklin catches Liddell with a right and Chuck is out!

Chuck is down a while, he looks a mess, probably a broken nose.

Franklin by KO 4:55 Rd 1

Franklin has broken his arm! A Liddell kick. Man that is impressive.

Chuck leaves without talking to Rogan, I think that is career over for him.


Mirko Cro Cop vs Pat Barry

Co-Main Event time!

Jake Shields in the house! Surely UFC bound!

Barry enters to 'Walk this way' classic tune. He enters the cage saying "I'm supposed to here". Cro Cop enters, huge cheer for him! Lots of Croatian flags in the crowd.

Rd 1 - Barry strikes early. Wow you can hear the legs crack at cage side. Big right from Barry but he lets Cro Cop get up. I think he may regret that, Cro Cops eye is shutting though from that shot. Good exchanges in the fight. A brief TD atempt. Great moment, the fighters hug and smile at each other. Barry is loving this! Close round, I'd give it to Barry.

Rd 2 - Cro Cop teeing off the left high kick. Clinch against cage, Cro Cop pushing Barry in this round. Failed high kick from Barry lands Mirko on top of him in half guard. Mirko has his back now, he lands a few shots on Barry. All Cro Cop this round, Barry looks to be getting over awed! Cro Cop's round, I make it level now.

Rd 3 - Barry looks tired. Cro Cop throws high kick. Barry trips Cro Cop as the Croatian throws a kick. Striking exchanges for the rest of the round until Cro Cop gets Barry up against the cage. Cro Cop landing big shots, he drops Barry, Barry is holding on! Unbelievable Mirko Cro Cop sinks in the rear naked!! Cro Cop gets the submission win! The crowd goes nuts! A great fight. The fighters embrace after the fight.

Cro Cop by Submission 1:30 Rd 3

Barry will regret not pouncing on Cro Cop in the first round. Cro Cop looked great though, maybe he is back! Cro Cop asks Dana White for the Fight of the Night or submission bonus! Haha, I think he may get it!


Paulo Thiago vs Martin Kampmann

Couture in Kampmann's corner. Thiago looks ready to go though! This is a big one!

Rd 1 - Circling to begin with for both fighters, good shot from the hitman, Kampmann is getting the better of the stand up, he shakes off a TD attempt from Thiago. Big right from the Dane, takes the fight to the floor. Thiago scrambles though gets into the guard of Kampmann. Kampmann works for a sub. Kampmann's round.

Just got the official judges scores, MacDonald was winning his fight 2 rounds to 0.

Rd 2 - Good exchange of shots, Kampmann still winning striking battle though. Thiago shoots, but Kampmann gets his back. The Dane works for position. Thiago looks a bit lost tonight. All Kampmann again. Thiago spins to get side control. They stand up and land a few shots. Kampmann's round again! Thiago needs a big third round!

Rd 3 - Both fighters work for control in the clinch. Kampmann gets the TD. He moves and takes Thiago's back. Ground battle for the rest of the fight. Kampmann looks great tonight, he is showing how good he can be in this division. This fight really didn't live up to expectations. Thiago that bad or Kampmann that good I am not sure, but Kampmann gets the win though.

Kampmann by Unanimous Decision


Gilbert Yvel vs Ben Rothwell

Rich Franklin and Chuck Liddell just arrived at the building.

Yvel walks in, the dude has some mean tattoo's. Rothwell enters to some Canadian Nickleback!

Rd 1 - Rothwell flys out the gates with big shots. Yvel retursn fire and then the fight hits the floor. Rothwell on top. Rothwell mounts but Yvel flips it, and they stand up. TD Rothwell to side control, he works for kimura but Yvel scrambles. Rothwell gets the mount though, this is a surprisingly good ground battle at the moment. They stand up and Yvel lands some bombs. Rothwell takes that round though.

Rd 2 - Rothwell shoots and gets Yvel down, side control Rothwell. He starts to throw body shots, then move to half guard. Mount for Big Ben, here come the elbows, more strikes from Rothwell. Yvel escapes and then gets on top, he starts landing bombs on Rothwell, could this be it? No, Rothwell gets it back standing, and then gets the TD. Hard round to score that one, I'll say a draw.

Rd 3 - Yvel looks gassed, fight hits the floor with Rothwell on top in side control. Rothwell starts landing shots. Crowd getting restless, this is not the fight we expected. Rothwell working to improve, lands a few more strikes from the side, thats about it for the rest of the fight. A pretty boring fight, a real atmosphere killer! Rothwell will get the win from the judges though.

Rothwell by Unanimous Decision


Carlos Condit vs Rory MacDonald

'Out here in the field' is blaring out as a video UFC montage plays on the big screen, it's PPV time I guess for everyone at home!

I'm pretty sure it's not just me but there is a distinct smell of weed in GM Place tonight, maybe that last judge had a few tokes. The lights go down, as Bruce Buffer would say, we are live! Big pop as Chuck Liddell appears on the big screen.

First PPV fight.

Just got handed fighter quotes, Apparently Wiman thought Danzig tapped his leg! Danzig said "Yves Lavigne does a very good job in this sport, but nobody is perfect."

Fight time

"The Waterboy" enters to the biggest crowd reaction of the night so far! MacDonal looks pumped for this one! Condit enters to Rage Against The Machine with Team Jackson in his corner. Big reaction to Bruce Buffer. Very one sided crowd tonight! A ton of pressure on MacDonald. GM Place is rocking.

Rd 1 - Rory chants start. Rory catches a Condit kick early. TD MacDonald, great trip. Condit pulls rubber guard. Condit striking from bottom and ges up. Big shot from Rory and then TD, every shot he lands is cheered. All McDoanld so far. Both scramble to feet. Condit lands good strikes late in round but, MacDonal gets a TD right on the horn. Has to be MacDonald that round.

MacDonald chants between rounds

Nate Diaz gets a cheer cageside.

Rd 2 - Rory is really forcing the pace in this fight. Condit pulls guard. Back to feet, Rory lands strikes. Fight hits the floor with Condit on top, but MacDonald sweeps to get top control. Great striking exchanges for the rest of the round. Huge chants for MacDonald. He drops Condit right on the bell with a kick but the fight will go on.

I hope the volume of the MacDonald chants is clear at home folks, they are big I mean real big here at the Arena!

Rd 3 - Rory catches a leg kick from Condit. They both echange big shots on the feet. Condit now on top though landing big shots on Rory on the floor, they scramble and stand up. Condt landing at ease now. He's gets the TD and is back on top. Both fighters are bloody. Condit landing elbows this could be it. More strikes from Condit, Rory is just surviving at the moment. Rory is cut bad. This could be a 10-8 round for Condit, is it enough though? It's over. 10 seconds left the ref stops it!! Crowd boo's big time. Only seconds left, it should have gone to the judges, another questionable stoppage! Crowd sings 'Bullshit'.

Condit by TKO 4:51 of Rd 3

I'll say now this will be fight of the night I think! MacDonald looks like his eye socket may be broken! Crowd boos Condit and cheers Rory as they speak to Joe Rogan. On reflection probably fair, but I'll have to wait and see replays. Great fight!


Tyson Griffin vs Evan Dunham

Dunham makes his way to the cage to 'Sabotage', great tune! 'Eye of the Tiger' for Griffin. Man I am pumped for this fight!! Couture is cageside for both fighters.

Rd 1 - Good early shots from Dunham, Griffin hits back. Dunham shoots for single, no luck. Griffin now dominating strikes. Some great striking exchanges. Fight hits the floor with Dunham on Griffins back. Dunham works for submission. Dunham controls on the ground for last minute, pobably won him the round.

Rd 2 - Good shot from Dunham, range starting to be a factor now, Griffin is short. Takedown Dunham but Griffin has his neck, good scramble on the matt. Fight makes its way back up to the feet. TD Dunham again. Griffin works for armbar, no good and Dunham gets his back. Body triangle for Dunham, but Griffin stands up with him on his back. They fall down but Dunham holds on. All Dunham that round. Griffin needs to do something different to win this fight.

Rd 3 - Both throw down at the start of round. Good straight right by Griffin. A few more shots exchanged. Griffin goes for TD but fails. Big body kick by Dunham. The fight ends up back on the floor with Dunham on Griffins back, the same its been the whole fight. Griffin stands up again with Dunham on his back still. Dunham continues to work for the choke. The crowd starts to boo. It's over. I think that's a convincing win for Dunham.

Dunham by Split Decision

Not sure how one judge had it 29-28 Griffin!!

Mirko Cro Cop is in the building. The crowd is now just enjoying some Eminem through the exceptionally loud speakers! aaah classic a bit of Papa Roach now! Next up is a remix of Queen, not sure about that! Clay Guida doing photos to the right of me! Nate Diaz is octagonside.


Matt Wiman vs Mac Danzig

Small break now before the two fight's on Spike TV.

Showdown Joe in the house. We are now live on Spike TV, check it out. Dan Hardy and Gray Maynard in Mac Danzig's corner!

Rd 1 - Good early shots from Wiman, but Danzig gets TD. Wiman working for choke, and gets it in deep. It's over! Yves Lavigne pulled them, off but Danzig says he didn't tap!! Huge controvery, crowd going crazy!! Not sure what happend, hope you guys got to see it on Spike! The fighters want to carry on but its over. Huge boos. This one will be discussed long into the night!

Wiman wins by submission 1:45 of Rd 1


Mario Miranda vs David Loiseau

Huge reaction for "The Crow" as he enters the ocatagon. Wish I was more of a Hip-hop fan as I can't help you guys out with the entrance music! Arena is almost full now. Greg Jackson makes his first appearance in Loiseau's corner.

Herb Dean in the house!

Biggest pop of the night as Loiseau is announced by Bruce Buffer

Rd 1 - Big big early takedown by Miranda, he has Loiseau's back now. Moves to half guard and starts elbow strikes. Miranda moves him to the cage, starts to land more strikes. Loiseau finally back to his feet but he has a swollen left eye. Miranda gets takedown again. Back up to feet and they clinh agaist cage. "Loiseau" chants begin in GM Place, but that was all Miranda that round, possibly even a 10-8.

Rd 2 - Loiseau lands left kick to start round. Big right from the crow. Miranda gets TD though and his back as well. Loiseau cannot stop the TD's or Miranda. Miranda landing strikes, Loiseau is cut, not sure where. Miranda now in full guard. moves to side. Miranda is dominating on the floor. Crowd getting restless.

Miranda gets back and flattens him out, Miranda landing nasty elbows. Loiseau chants start again but he cannot do anything. Miranda starts landing nasty elbows again from the top to Loiseau's head. It's over the ref stops it, could have been sooner in my book.

Crowd boo's but that was a one sided fight really.

Miranda by TKO 4:07 of Rd 2


James Wilks vs Peter Sobotta

Rd 1 - Wilks pops the left jab early, Sobotta looking for left high kick. fight hits the floor with Sobotta on top, Wilks rolls for arm bar, Sobotta out and back to his feet. Fighters clinch now, it moves to the floor where Wilks goes for another submission. Very close round. From my seat i'd give it to Wilks, close though.

Clay Guida in the house!

Rd 2 - Great striking exchange early, then a clinch agaist cage. This has been a long scramble against the cage this round, Sobotta doing the pressing. Wilks gets TD and lands on top, moves to side, he stands up and Sobotta pulls a heel hook. Ground scramble. Very close round, not sure how I'd score it, possibly a draw.

Rd 3 - Wilks out of the gates quickly. Fight moves to the floor, and Sobotta gets Wilks back and begins to look for choke. He has body triangle now, not looking good for Wilks, all Sobotta this round. Wilks spins into full guard of Sobotta, needs to work now. He starts to land a few strikes. It's over.

Very hard fight to score, not sure how it will look on replay. I'd give it to Wilks on the first two rounds, very close though, it will be a split I think.

Wilks by Unanimous Decision

One judge had it 30-27, not sure how, the third was all Sobotta.


Ricardo Funch vs Claude Patrick

Huge reaction for the first Canadian on the card, Claude Patrick. Funch gets a boo!

Rd 1 - Early clinch against cage. Patrick eventually gets the takedown and into half guard. Funch goes for triangle. Ref stops the fight, not sure why, but he returns them to their position. Big shots by Patrick, crowd going nuts for every shot landed by him. Back to full guard for Funch. Patrick almost gets the choke late in round, but the bell goes. Easy 10-9 for Patrick.

Rd 2 - Clinch again to start the round. Educated crown tonght, as they all call for knees and Patrick delivers a few. Funch in control now though. Patrick jumps a guillotine, sinks it in for the win. Huge cheers!! Great submission finish and great performance by Patrick.

Patrick by submission 1:48 Rd 2

Rogan comes in to speak to Patrick, he's happy with the win and support. Crowd goes crazy! This is a definite on the PPV I think. Patrick called out Don Hyun Kim


Mike Pyle vs Jesse Lennox

4:00pm PST

The Crowd is beginning to build here in Vancouver, almost fight time! I'm sat what would be about centre ice, just to the left of the ring girls. They look great by the way!

Already seen Patrick Cote in attendance and Bruce Buffer backstage getting his make up done!! Yvel Lavigne at ringside.

GM Place is rocking!

The light's dim we are set to go folks!! The UFC knows how to build an atmosphere!

Jesse Lennox makes his way to the Octagon, pretty good reaction for him, Pat Milletich in his corner, the arena is not quite full yet.

Good reaction for Pyle, the crowd can't wait for the fight to start. Big cheer for Buffer!

UFC 115 is a go.

Rd 1 - Pyle gets first punch, Lennox finding range, takedown failed by Pyle. Lennox now taking control of fight. Lennox is looking for the big right. Failed TD again by Pyle. Big shot by Pyle, Lenox down, Pyle goes for choke to finsh but Lennox lasts to the bell, only just.

Pyle takes round

Rd 2 - Lennox looks to have recovered. TD by Pyle, but fight back to feet quickly. Lennox now on top on the fllor, good ground battle now. Pyle controlling on the top for about 2 minutes of the round. Scramble and the fight ends up on the other side of the cage, with Lennox on top.

Close round but I'd gve to Pyle for the more dominant Octagon control.

Rd 3 - Lennox needs this round. Lennox is landing good leg kicks and has the centre of the cage but he is bleeding from nose. Lennox lands some good shots against cage. Lennox lands a superman punch and another big shot, drops Pyle. Scramble on the matt. Pyle catches him in a triangle, and its over, not sure if Lennox tapped but its done.

Crowd goes crazy.

Great solid technical almost 3 round fight. This could make the PPV.

Pyle by Submission 4:44 of round 3



That's it from Vancouver. A great night of fights on the whole and a fantastic crowd at GM Place!


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