Is Bryan Danielson's Release By The WWE for Real or a Work? True Answer

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJune 12, 2010

According to, the WWE has come to terms to release Daniel Bryan aka Bryan Danielson. They used both of his names in the post, which is why many feel the release is real.

An idea was that he would be let go and come back as his real name, Bryan Danielson, which makes sense. Then, Danielson changed his name on twitter from Daniel Bryan to Bryan Danielson, and very quickly, too.

Within minutes after the release, his twitter changed while still being under the WWE banner. Which makes me think, huh?

Especially when he said, "the winds of change are stirring" on his account.

The reason he was released is because of the choke he did on ring announcer Justin Roberts. He did it with Justin's own tie and a camera was right on top of it. I guess Kevin Dunn thought it was pretty entertaining. But, it was described as "too violent."

The reason he was let go for the choke was because the WWE hasn't allowed chokes like that ever since the Benoit tragedy.

Obviously, Danielson could have been unaware of this, but it makes little sense that a guy like Danielson would go rogue and completely do whatever he wanted, especially when that is so out of character of him.

Also, why did Dunn make sure a camera cut to the choke if it was indeed illegal? And the biggest one of them all is, if the choke was illegal, then why was it planned to be done? Like I said, Danielson is not the type of guy to do whatever he wanted to do on TV.

He only does what he's told.

Apparently there was a tattletale back stage who said that it was banned years ago and that it would scare little kids in the audience or think that it was okay to do the choke on other kids.

First off, who cares? This angle was one of the best in years, and people complain about a choke?

Heck, a B/R writer complained about the spitting, and people complained about the gang style beatdown, which may also send a bad message to kids. No one complained about the choke other than some loser in the company.

You gave fans something amazing, and Danielson could be a part of one of the best angles in some time, but you let him go over a simple choke? Of which you planned to happen all along?

Danielson knows he's no John Cena or Randy Orton, he can't go out and do whatever and get away with it. So it seems obvious to this writer, Danielson only did as told and the only one to blame for the choke, is the WWE itself.

Number one for planning it, number two for actually making sure the choke was shown on camera.

I can now confirm to you that Danielson has in fact been released from World Wrestling Entertainment. It's about as legit as Matt Hardy's firing half a decade ago.

As we saw with the Hardy firing, he was really let go from the WWE, they made it as real as possible. But, he came right back.

The idea is to bring him back in when the whole choke things blows over, which, wasn't a biggie to begin with.

People backstage said that they wished the WWE locker room was full of Danielsons. Just goes to show you how good of a guy he is, how well received he is by his peers, and how much management seems to like him.

He has some pull with William Regal there, and since he was trained by HBK, I'm sure Michaels is wondering why the heck the guy was fired too. Then you have a good friend of his in CM Punk there too, probably wondering what happened to let him go.

Danielson did nothing wrong if you ask me.

If he was released for going over PG, then fire all of the NXT season 1 roster, because they all did the same thing. Heck, Heath Slater even got a ring rope and choked John Cena in the middle of the ring, where are his walking papers?

They did a gang style beat down on Cena, something not PG at all, yet that's ok? Oh, but see that was planned, Joe, it was supposed to be like that. Bull crap! The whole thing was planned and Danielson was a victim of doing what the WWE told him.

To me, this seems like nothing more than a work and they had to figure out a way to fire him for it. He'll be back, most likely as Bryan Danielson and not Daniel Bryan.

The thing people need to realize is that kayfabe wise, Danielson never had a WWE contract, so for them to come on the site and say he's let go means he was, in fact, let go.

He will be back, keep this in mind people. IWC, calm down here, our boy Danielson will be on WWE TV again.

Now, what I feel the WWE should do is release all of the NXT guys, then have them say, this isn't going to stop them, eventually we'll see them all come back.

Or another idea is to have the NXT guys talk about the WWE letting Danielson go, then eventually have him come back to the group.

There has to be a way of taking Danielson out of the group, because it makes little sense for them to keep talking about the NXT rookies every time they show the attack, then refer to them as the eight rookies, and we only see seven on TV. So, WWE has to use this in some way.

But, I guess we'll see right.

I don't know about you, but I'll be watching RAW very closely this week.