FoleyIsGod Reacts: Viewers Choice and My Faith in Humanity

FoleyIsGodContributor IJune 12, 2010

SARABURI, THAILAND - FEBRUARY 21:  Sean Lampon,19, from Alaska vomits after drinking the herbal potion  February 21, 2010 at the Thamkrabok monastery in Saraburi, Thailand. The Thamkrabok Monastery runs a detox program where both Thais and foreigners alike experience a very natural Buddhist approach to drug rehabilitation. People can only take the program once and must  make a sacred vow or Sajja not to use intoxicating substances. For the first 5 days addicts use an herbal medicine that facilitates a rapid detoxification, causing immediate vomiting. Addicts are expected to stay atleast a week at the monastery after they make their vow, but  are welcome to reside at the monastery for weeks until they feel mentally and physically cleansed. (Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)
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I sometimes read the opinions of other writers when it comes to the wrestling industry, WWE in particular, and have noticed that quite frequently writers tend to refer to the "IWC" or Internet wrestling community.  They use this term in a mutually exclusive manner.  In other words, there are those that choose to express their feelings about the state of wrestling on the Internet, and then there is everyone else.

I propose that these two communities are not so different and that, in fact, we should use a different term to differentiate the two groups.

First, however, I would like to analyze exactly how WWE managed to create one of the worst God awful car wrecks of a show and prove that this was not a slight to any entity whatsoever, but instead the result of when you give the keys to car to a pack of lobotomized chimpanzees.

#1 The third choice is CRAAAZY!

You have to give WWE credit, they know exactly the level of crap their audience not only can endure, but actively craves.  As someone over the age of six, with a DVR and only a wrestling fan when time permits, WWE had to know only a percentage of their audience would partake in the gimmick.  

Enter: Dumbass kids.  This debacle is not a blow to the "IWC" as some claim, its a blow to anyone with pubes and a formal education.  This show was ruined specifically because WWE provided their audience with some of the most ridiculous, harebrained, formulaic crap that they knew would get kids laughing and adults groaning.

#2  Alright, this garbage won't fill 3 hours.  How to bore people more...

The A-Team shenanigans (there simply isn't a more apt word) reminded me of that Saturday morning WWF show I used to watch as a kid: cheesy and contrived. Who stole Jerry the King Lawler's crown?  That's the best you can come up with?  You have an accomplished MMA fighter guest hosting and you decide to reenact a shitty episode of Scooby Doo?


#3  There is a slight possibility this won't go over well.  Let's end the show with something shocking yet also implausible that can go on for way too long.

The "NXT invasion" hampered all hopes I had of Wade Barret going on to be a great singles champion, at least in the short term.  This angle, of course, makes no sense as each of the rookies don't necessarily like one another and shouldn't be working together as a team.  

Why was Daniel Bryan involved and why isn't he in a program with the Miz already? Why are the heels and faces working together?  Wasn't Wade Barret portrayed as a loner?   Answer: Because the writers couldn't do any better.

Cut the fat with those rookies, only half of them are worth a damn.  Make the consequences of losing NXT actually mean something.  Give the real standout stars the time to shine instead of putting all of them in the ring and expecting magic.  I bet they smell a lot of marketing potential in these young talent.

Jim Cornette says it's almost impossible to screw up an invasion angle.  We'll see.

Bottom Line

This catastrophe was the result of both bad creative decisions and dumb kids voting for the most outrageous stipulations.  Unfortunately, when you can surmise the result of a match before it even begins, it becomes stale and boring.  

This is the same reason I can't stand Cena matches: They are by far the easiest matches to predict.  But I hate to say it.  I can't.  Alright, here it goes: John Cena had the best match of the night.

I think I just threw up a bit in my mouth.