IWC Needs Patience, Ring Vet's to Legends, Mid-Card to Main Event

jesse lopezContributor IJune 12, 2010

   Constantly all I hear is WWE needs new stars, we need fresh faces. We want to see a new guy pushed, and as these complaints flood the Internet, as soon as WWE does what you all want, you cry about it!

   Quick look back, Cena puts over Sheamus. About a week later people are hating the fact Sheamus has the WWE title. That's understandable though, given the fact he was fresh out the oven new. Wasn't what the IWC was clamoring to see I suppose. So we'll let that one slide right now.

   Now let's look at the Jack Swagger situation we have on our hands. This guy was the man everyone touted as a future champion from the go. He had the look, an athletic background, and was the one to watch. Now he wins the World Title and I see complaints about how he has no charisma, he didn't do anything to deserve it, AND now he's poorly booked and so on.

  Are you freaking serious right now?

  You all are clamoring, clawing and begging for the next big thing to show his face and when WWE tries to attempt to give you what you want, you turn around and cry about it? Let's face it, Swagger is getting booked to look a little weak as Champion, but realistically he doesn't have the experience to be booked any different. He's not freshly baked new, but he is still pretty new.If it was up to WWE he would probably still be hanging in the U.S title yard. But the WWE has tried to give you what you want.

   Hear this out, Edge is absolutely amazing. Edge had to float around the midcard and upper midcard for a long time before everything clicked for him. He waited patiently for a spot to open up for him. And when it did he took the ball and ran all the way home with it. He was grooming himself and preparing for the main event spot the entire time.

  Another example, who didn't have to wait quite as long though, Randy Orton. He didn't wait nearly the length of time Edge did for his World Title but people look at his more recent title run and compare the two, and realize Orton was too green to carry the World Heavyweight Title any longer then he did. So Orton hovered at the top and boom! Flash forward to now and we have ourselves an amazing wrestler, every move he makes from a slight raise of his eyebrow to the way he walks is executed perfectly.

  So this is my take on the situation, we do not need to be crying for fresh faces or the next big thing. We need to open up some spots for those who have been hovering at the top grooming themselves for the longest, such as Christian,Hardy and Kane. Heck CM Punk has groomed himself pretty quickly and seems like a great choice,and The Miz has done alot since his arrival in 05.

  But to make room in the title picture we need those superstars that at time transcend those boundaries of scrapping for a World Championship. Shawn Micheals was a great example of one. He held the title a total of three times in his career and was booked and handled as a sure fire Hall of Famer. Others who fit that criteria are Triple H, The Undertaker, and Chris Jericho. 

  Keep the title reigns away from these guys,they don't need the Heavyweight title to mean something. Undertaker is already handled and treated as a Legend so don't give him the title he doesn't need it, let Christian add that four to five month title reign to his resume. The crowd will pop just as loud for that. Triple H should begin that transition from "ring veteran" to "sure fire Hall Of Famer" and be presented as a legend as well. 

  Focus on these mens legendary accomplishments, the amount world titles The Game has racked up, the fact that Chris Jericho was the first every Undisputed Champion. Treat them as they should and keep them away from the title. You move people up the rankings and it slowly opens spots and has a trickle down effect throughout the company.

  Quit looking for the next big thing so soon in the men who have yet to master their craft and haven't spent enough time scratching at the glass ceiling. Instead look to the men who haven't had there true shot to shine but are more then ready. They are the one's who will surprise you once some room has been made at the top of the totem pole for them.