WWE Smackdown Recap and Review: Kane Unleashed

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IJune 12, 2010

The show started with highlights of last week. Kane vowed vengeance for what was done to his brother, The Undertaker.


Rey Mysterio won the battle royal to earn a spot for the World Heavyweight Championship at Fatal Four Way pay-per-view.


Opening Segment:


Rey Mysterio entered the ring first for his match with Jack Swagger. Rey Mysterio reminded the WWE Universe that he won the battle royal last week. Mysterio said that when he reclaims the World Heavyweight Championship, it will be “ours,” signaling the WWE Universe.


Jack Swagger interrupted Mysterio’s promo and confronted him. Swagger said, “While you were in Tijuana drinking cervezas, I was back in Oklahoma winning, back in America perfecting the art of wrestling.”


Mysterio responded by telling Swagger that it would only take one 619 to win the World Heavyweight Championship.


CM Punk went out to the ring. Punk congratulated himself for coming out for the show after the NXT rookies attacked SES last week.


Mysterio suggested to CM Punk that he should “pull off his silly little mask.”


Big Show made his way out to join the other three participants in the Fatal Four Way pay-per-view. Big Show said he is probably going to beat the three of them up and walk away with the World Heavyweight Championship.


Big Show said that he would pull off CM Punk's mask.


The arena turned red, and Kane cut a promo via Titantron on who is responsible for The Undertaker’s demise.




Swagger and CM Punk’s promo were well done. Mysterio focused on playing to the crowd, but the actual dialogue he used to insult the other participants was juvenile.


Kane’s Titantron promo was a nice touch for the opening segment.



(World Champion) Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio Match:


Swagger and Mysterio went back and forth for the start of the match. Mysterio landed several high spots on Swagger.


Mysterio went for the pin fall after hitting a 619 followed by a springboard splash to no avail.


Swagger wore down Mysterio on the outside and inside the ring. Swagger threw Mysterio harshly into the corner.


Mysterio went to the top rope, but Swagger jumped up and threw him off, Kurt Angle style. Swagger went for the pin fall, but Mysterio kicked out.


Swagger stretched Mysterio out utilizing the ring post.


Swagger pushed Mysterio’s feet as he went for a moonsault. Mysterio got caught up in the Tree of Woe. Swagger charged towards Mysterio, who was able to get out of the way.


Swagger landed a big boot on Mysterio. Swagger attempted his gut wrench power bomb but Mysterio got loose.


Mysterio hit the 619 to Swagger’s stomach. Then he used a springboard drop kick to lay Swagger across the ropes. Mysterio landed another 619, but this time to Swagger’s face. Mysterio executed a springboard leg drop for the victory.


Swagger attacked Mysterio after the match. Kane went out to the ring and choke slammed Swagger. Kane then proceeded to grab Mysterio by the throat and choke slammed him as well.




The match was a nice back and forth battle with some decent spots.


I don’t understand why the “Powers That Be” continue to have the World Champion of their show job to other wrestlers in non-title bouts.


I still can’t stand the fact that Mysterio’s West Coast Pop was been replaced with a booty splash.


Kane attacking them at the end of the match was predictable, but made sense with the storyline. I’m going to have to bet on Kane doing the same after Punk and Big Show’s match.


Match Rating: 8/10



(Women’s Champion) Layla vs. Tiffany Match:


LayCool made their way to the ring with Kaval. Kaval was being treated like a purse boy.


LayCool cut a promo on how hideous the crowd was in Tampa. McCool pointed out that her parents were in the crowd, but that they were “flawless”.


Tiffany made her way to the ring with Kelly Kelly after doing a hip bump. Matt Striker called them the “Blonde-entourage” and said that Kelly Kelly’s parents are also in the crowd.


Tiffany was aggressive from the bell and had some offense to start.


Layla turned it around and put Tiffany in a scissor lock. Layla was caught holding on the rope and was forced to break the scissor lock.


Tiffany attempted a roll-up, but didn’t get the three-count.


Tiffany knocked McCool to the floor which distracted her long enough for Layla to hit The Layout neck breaker for the victory.




LayCool is becoming way over-the-top and annoying. Their rehearsed and synchronized promos sound more like a bad rap concert than a well-sold promo.


Tiffany looked pretty good in the ring and could be the next Trish Stratus if she trains enough.


Layla has definitely improved and is starting to sell the fact that she is the Champion.



Match Rating: 5/10


The NXT Rookie attack from last Monday’s RAW highlight aired.


Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler Match:


Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced Dolph Ziggler. She escorted him to the ring.


Ziggler played some cat and mouse with Christian to start the match. Ziggler was sent to the outside by Christian followed by a splash.


Ziggler started to pound on Christian on the mat. Christian turned it around when Ziggler attempted a top rope maneuver and was met with a boot.


Christian landed a missile drop kick from the top rope.


Ziggler landed a famouser, but couldn’t get the victory.


Christian executed a pendulum kick and followed it with a off the top rope European upper cut.


Christian went for the Kill Switch, but Ziggler locked him in a sleeper hold. Christian forced Ziggler into the top turnbuckle to break the sleeper. Christian hit a sunset flip on Ziggler for the win.


Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins attacked Christian after the match.


Ziggler put Christian in a sleeper hold to add insult to injury.




Christian did a great job selling to Ziggler.


Archer and Hawkins are going by The Gate Keepers, which doesn’t make much sense. What gate are they overseeing exactly?


Ziggler’s partnership with Guerrero could do wonders for his career. I thought he deserved the Intercontinental championship back when he was feuding with Mysterio. It’s a shame that Mysterio refused to drop the title to Ziggler.


Match Rating: 7/10



Kane Backstage Segment:


Kane spoke to a coffin dressed with black roses. He is obviously speaking to The Undertaker and vowed vengeance again.



Drew McIntyre/Teddy Long In-Ring Segment:


McIntyre demanded Teddy Long come out to the ring. McIntyre told Long “you speak when I tell you to speak."


McIntyre told Long to watch highlights from the last Smackdown and RAW.


McIntyre advised Teddy Long that per Mr. McMahon, Matt Hardy is suspended from all WWE programming.


Kofi Kingston came to the ring and interrupted McIntyre’s verbal assault on Long.


Kingston told McIntyre to shut up and attacked McIntyre.


McIntyre told Teddy Long that per Mr. McMahon; he would be facing him next week in a match.




McIntyre is destined to be World Champion. His petty feud with a stagnant Matt Hardy does not serve him well. Kingston is a much better opponent for the Scotsman.



Big Show vs. CM Punk Match:


CM Punk landed some nice leg kicks on Big Show to start the match. As Punk was going to jump off the top rope, Big Show stood up and pumped his fist which caused Punk to retreat to the outside.


Big Show worked on Punk in the corner. The crowd started to chant “take it off”. Punk covered up where Big Show landed a slap on his back.


Big Show grabbed Punk by the throat and attempted to remove his mask. SES entered the ring and assaulted Big Show.


Kane came to the ring and choke slammed both Luke Gallows and the hooded masked member. CM Punk was able to escape unscathed.


Kane choke slammed Big Show to close the show.





The match was quick and was only used to set up the Kane attack. It was a pretty weak way to end the show.



Final Thoughts:


I guess they are pushing Kane’s angle more than the World Heavyweight Championship match. If they were going to have all the Championship participants job to Kane, he should be in the match instead of Mysterio.


The show was not nearly as good as last week.




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