Travis Paulson Walks Through World Team Trials, Baffles Askren, Howe

Jacob SchlottkeContributor IIJune 12, 2010

Travis Paulson, a name that may be common place in the MMA community in a couple years, became even more well-known in the wrestling world this evening.

Paulson went on a tear this weekend at the 2010 United States wrestling world team trials by upending 2008 Olympian and Bellator finalist Ben Askren in the challenge tournament semi-finals, then beating his twin brother in the finals to set up a best of three series with U.S. National champion Andrew Howe.

Paulson avenged his U.S. Nationals loss to Howe with back-to-back wins, cementing his place on the United States world team at 74kg.

Final results from this evenings matches:


60 KG: Shawn Bunch (Gator Wrestling Club) v. Mike Zadick (Gator Wrestling Club)
Zadick def Bunch 0-2/2-0/4-0
Zadick def Bunch 0-1/7-0/1-0

74 KG: Andrew Howe (NYAC) v. Travis Paulson (Sunkist Kids)
Paulson def Howe 1-0/1-1
Paulson def Howe 0-1/1-0/2-1

96 KG: JD Bergman (NYAC) v. Jake Varner (Nittany Lion WC)
Bergman def Varner 3-1/3-2
Bergman def Varner 2-1/1-1



55 KG: Spenser Mango (NYAC) v. Jermaine Hodge (US Army)
Mango def Hodge 2-0/0-1/1-0
Mango def Hodge 0-2/3-0/1-0

74 KG: Jake Fisher (NYAC) v. Steven Forrest (US Marines)
Fisher def Forrest 2-0/1-0
Fisher def Forrest 0-3/3-0/1-0

84 KG: Chas Betts (Minnesota Storm) v. Jake Clark (US Air Force)
Clark def Betts 1-0/2-0
Clark def Betts 0-1/1-0/1-0

120 KG: Tim Taylor (US Army) v. Dremiel Byers (US Army)
Byers def Taylor 1-0/1-0
Byers def Taylor 1-0/1-0


51 KG: Jessica Medina (Sunkist Kids) v. Amy Whitbeck (NYAC)
Whitbeck def Medina 0-1/4-1/fall 1:33
Medina def Whitbeck 1-0/2-0
Medina def Whitbeck 1-0/1-0

59 KG: Kelsey Campbell (Sunkist Kids) v. Deanna Rix (Sunkist Kids)
Rix def Campbell 3-0/0-1/1-0
Campbell def Rix 0-1/1-0/1-0
Campbell def Rix 1-0/1-0

67 KG: Erin Clodgo (Sunkist Kids) v. Kristie Davis (NYAC)
Davis def Clodgo 1-0/3-1
Davis def Clodgo 2-1/2-0

72 KG: Stephany Lee (Sunkist Kids) v. Ali Bernard (Gator Wrestling Club)
Lee def Bernard 2-1/2-2/2-1
Lee def Bernard 1-0/3-1

2008 Olympian TC Dantzler left his wrestling shoes on the mat, a sign in amateur wrestling that you are retiring.   Dantzler was also a five-time world team member.


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Saturday, June 12


Weight Classes Contested

Men's Freestyle: 55 KG, 66 KG, 84 KG, and 120 KG
Greco-Roman: 60 KG, 66 KG, and 96 KG
Women's Freestyle: 48 KG, 55 KG, and 63 KG

9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. - All Competition through Challenge Tournament Finals
5 p.m. - 8 p.m. - Challenge Tournament Finals


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