Can Wrestling Fans Save Survivor Series? Yep!

Brent Caldwell@AimYourBrentContributor IJune 11, 2010

The wrestling fans have spoken, and WWE has listened.

There was a tremendous backlash after WWE announced on February 11th that it would be discontinuing its classic Survivor Series pay-per-view. And now, in the wake of YouTube posts, blogs, and articles on sites such as Bleacher Report, WWE has decided to reinstate the Survivor Series.

It goes without question that this unprecedented fan reaction had a significant impact on WWE's decision. How much is unknown, but it is safe to say that without this public outcry, the pay-per-view would be lost for good.

Wrestling fans really do control everything in the business when you really break it down. Wrestling fans are some of the most die-hard and dedicated fans in the world. As a result, they are willing to go to great lengths and pay a lot of money for a one-of-a-kind experience.

When WWE puts on an exciting, creative, and entertaining wrestling show, they retain more long term viewers, sell more tickets to live events, and move more merchandise. When WWE feeds wrestling fans a lot of crap, eventually, some of those fans stop watching.

When they appeal to an audience that is not passionate about wrestling, they are only catering to temporary fans, who will be quick to move on to the next fad in a short time.

And this is why WWE has to listen to the fans.

Recall in 1997 when WWE tried to push Stone Cold Steve Austin as the biggest heel on the show, but no matter what they tried, wrestling fans loved him. They couldn't help but put him in the role of top face. Not to mention sell millions of dollars worth of Stone Cold merchandise!

Very similar events took place in 1998 surrounding Triple H and D-Generation X, as well as in 1999 with The Rock. The Attitude Era was one of the best times in wrestling history. Perhaps we will see a new era ushered in soon.

The gimmick run on last week's RAW with the NXT roster dismantling the ring and beating the crap out of everyone was a breath of fresh air that was desperately needed on WWE television.

I am definitely not advocating a rehashing of the Attitude Era; I am simply suggesting that perhaps the next changing of the guard could be under way soon.

WWE can only appeal to generic ten-year-olds for so long. Because after a while, they get older, and they grow out of certain trends.

Meanwhile, real wrestling fans stick around, unless the product becomes absolute garbage. But luckily, things are looking up—perhaps change is in the air.

So here's to pro-wrestling, wrestling fans, and the Survivor Series!