Fedor Is Truely The Emperor Of MMA Heavyweights

T.P. GrantAnalyst IJuly 23, 2008

Fedor Emelianenko's critics were out in full force coming into last week's match up with Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia.

None more vocal in the last few months than UFC president Dana White who accused Fedor of taking easy fights to pad his record, citing his last major victory his 2005 win over Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic.

This is a thinly veiled corporate line of trashing rival leagues and seems nothing more than White attempting to belittle an elite fighter than isn't in the UFC.

True MMA fans know that the nature of the sport is matchups, stylistic differences can make fights and even the finest fighters can caught in submissions (see Anderson Silva vs Ryo Chonan) and a big shot that result in TKOs or fight ending cuts can come from nowhere.

So the fact that Fedor is 28-1 is one of the most outstanding feats in sports, regardless of who he fights. And this is not to say his fights have been weak, he dominated PRIDE, a league on par with the UFC in terms of fighter talent.

If you have never seen Fedor fight he is the most single minded fighter in MMA. Fedor comes into a fight with an iron clad gameplan and imposes his will with an intensity that is perhaps only matched by the likes of Anderson Silva.

Fedor has an outstanding chin and can stand with any fighter, but he prefers to end the fight with a submission, the armbar is his favorite which he pursues more tenacity than any fighter out there.

This latest fight with Sylvia, a fighter that recently went the distance with Randy Couture, put an exclamation point on his demands to fight The Natural. As the likelihood of this fight increases it will become more and more clear that Fedor is head and shoulders above Randy at this point in his career. Now that the critics are momentarily silence we can now hail the Last Emperor.