What's Got Into Mike Mussina and The New York Yankees?

Robert NelsonCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

Whazzup?  Somethin's up.  At the start of the last few seasons, old man Mussina has been written off as over the hill, along with Pettitte, Clemens, even Mariano.  The doubters and the haters can't figure it out. 

I've worried about Mussina for years.  I hear the press.  "Can't break an egg, be lucky to hit the gun at 85..."  Here's a hint.  It's NOT about speed.  It's all about things like pitch placement, attitude, mind games, and wanting to win.

Don't believe what you read.  Believe what you SEE.  Here's the bottom line on the Yankees at this moment............

1) 10 wins in a row at home!

2) Mussina just threw 8 scoreless innings.  True.  13 wins at mid season.  WOW!

3) Mussina struck out a batter today with a 69 mph changeup.  How's that for playing chess?

4) Cano is starting to swing productively.  Don't miss his at-bats.

5) The starting pitching is saving the all mighty bullpen.

6) Giambi can be relied upon.  He's trying.

7) Pettitte is on fire.  Hope you saw the show Sunday.  Jeez.

8) We've got two other guys I forgot to mention, Jeter and A-Rod.

9) Who's that new guy Joba?

10) Mariano Rivera (also over the hill?) is still that guy you don't want to meet in an alley late at night. 

11) Back to Mussina, the old guy, only 16 walks in 121 1/3 innings.  Go find somebody better.  You can't.

This is a team that should be in last place when you factor in the disabled list.  Start wherever you wish.  Wang, Posada, Damon, and Jeter missed time. This should NOT be happening.

What you see is a professional team coming together after the All Star break.  Time to get busy.  Time to manage the injuries.  Time to manage players.  Time to win.

This won't be easy.  I'm not saying the Yankees will win the division.  I am saying they are starting to do the little things they always do to at least make a run for it.  Isn't that why we watch baseball anyway? 

Say it with me...........  "I believe the Yankees can win this whole damn thing."