World Cup: The Boys from the Good 'Ol US of A!

Angie MeyerContributor IIMarch 29, 2017

"Hey, Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list, And the Statue of Liberty
started shaking her fist. And the eagle will fly and it's gonna be hell,When you
hear Mother Freedom start ringing her bell. And it'll feel like the whole wide
world is raining down on you. Ah, brought to you, courtesy of the red, white and
blue." ~ Toby Keith

The entire time I've been writing this Team USA tribute, I've had Toby Keith "Red, White, and Blue" blasting on my iTunes. There truly are no words more patriotic. It really pumped me up for Team USA, and their 2010 World Cup debut on Saturday.
You can absolutely bet your Jimmy Choo's that Glam Chicky's will be wearing our patriotism proudly, color coordinated, and absolutely we cheer on our boys when they step upon the world stage.
What can we expect from our fabulous boys who don the red, white, and blue? For starters, after a thrilling run in the quarterfinals in 2002 and a rather disappointing showing in 2006, we can expect a team who is amped to play with absolute vengeance.
In the US, the world of soccer isn't a grade school sport anymore, Dolls, and with a following that's increased faster then the Pac-10 conference, our American team goes to South Africa with high expectations.
The boys have set the bar high after an amazing showing Confederations Cup last summer, defeating Spain (Number one ranked team in the world). In addition our Yanks were up over Brazil 2-0 at halftime. They'd eventually lose the game, however, their performance on the field had critics turning their heads and seeing gold.
Our darling American boys have drawn to play in what has been considered to an "easier" group of countries—England, Algeria, and Slovania, and mark down your bets gals, those in the know say U.S.A. should well advance.
If they don't, it could prove to be a major setback in the popularity of the sport throughout the states. So no pressure boys, but the future of soccer in the United States rests on your cleats. Kidding of course.
We are so fired up for out world, this world cup is brought to you courtesy of the Red, White and Blue!! Make sure to watch USA vs. England, Saturday morning, 11:30 am, cappuccino in hand (or Martini, we know how you like it).

Stay Fabulous and Patriotic,

**Special Thanks to Dylan George for his contributions in this article**