David Lemieux Highlights Another Great Friday Night Fights

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IJune 11, 2010

Lemieux is a hockey name right? Well if David Lemieux has anything to do with it, that name will become a boxing name.

The Montreal native is getting to fight in front of a large American audience for the first time tonight. He is the main even tonight on Friday Night Fights.

For those of you who don’t know the background on Lemieux I will fill you in. He is 22-0 with 21 knockouts against limited opposition.

His best wins are Donny McCrary (KO 1), Delray Raines (KO 2), and Walid Smichet (KO 2). The lone decision win on his record was against tough journeymen Jason Naugler.

Naugler is 18-12-1 but has only been knocked out once by Don George. George is a big puncher in his own right.

Before we get off track, let's get back to Lemieux. He fights at either the middleweight or super middleweight limit. Recently he has been fighting at the super middleweight limit.

He has captured one minor title as well as one national title. He won the WBC youth intercontinental middleweight title and the Canada super middleweight title.

He has the size to compete at either weight class as he is 5’10 ½” tall and has a good 64” reach. He had a limited amateur background, but at 21 has time to make improvements and turn into a legitimate contender.

It is clear he has a good punch and his boxing looks to be improving with each outing. Tonight he will face his biggest test yet in Elvin Ayala.

Ayala lost a couple close ones against David Banks which could of gone his way, drew with Sergio Mora in a fight he should have won, and was knocked out in round 12 against Arthur Abraham.

This is the first time Lemieux will be facing a good boxer with a solid chin. If you tune in tomorrow night, don’t expect a quick knockout by Lemieux.

If he does knock him out quickly, then that will be a big statement by Lemieux. I would suggest you tune in and see Lemieux fight, though.

I have seen a couple of his fights and he is offensive minded. If he doesn’t get a knockout he will still put on a good offensive show.

The supporting fight is a decent scrap between Sebastien Demers and Brain Vera. Demers campaigned at middleweight and got a title shot against Arthur Abraham.

He was knocked out by Abraham in three rounds. Since moving to the 168 pound division he hasn’t lost and his last loss was in 2008.

Vera is known for taking the unbeaten record of Andy Lee back in 2008. He has lost three in a row since then and appears to be a one hit wonder.

ESPN has put together yet another great card for this week. The Montreal fight fans are great and with Lemieux in the ring they will be even more amped up.

With another big punching offensive minded fighter this is a FNF you cant miss out.