Who are you, or who is anyone to criticize Brett

DAVID DEPREOCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

I am talking to a close friend yesterday when he begins to criticize Brett's retirement decision.  He wants to know why Brett does not pack all his belongings up north and settle down in Hattiesburg.  He says that Brett has done it all.  Brett is making a bad decision.  Brett should just retire and enjoy the rest of his life.

The friend that is telling me this was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 3 months ago.  He had colon cancer and it had spread into his small intestines.  Surgery was supposedly successful and he was 100% clear.  He has good insurance including a long term disability policy.  He is in fairly good financial shape.  

After surgery and about 2 weeks of recuperating, he returned to work.  He is a sales manager at a car dealership, which is very stressful.  When he returned to work, I told him he was crazy.  Why was he going back to work? 

His answer was that he could just not sit around.  He said I have a lot of energy and that he would go crazy just sitting around the house.  With that answer, I told him it was his decision and that I understood.

You know where this is headed.  When he started on Brett's decision, I reminded him that a lot of people thought he was crazy for returning to work.  Rest and a serious diet would be the best thing he could do for his body.  But it was a decision that he had made, and no one has the right to tell him what he should do with his life. 

I still believe that he should take a medical retirement and enjoy what life he has left.  However, that is not my decision, it is his.  At this point he changed the conversation as he knew he had made a decision much like Brett's.

I don't think that Brett has made the best decision now as well.  I think that Brett should retire while everything is so positive.  But, guess what, that is not my decision to make.

Brett did make a mistake about announcing his retirement when he did.  You have to realize that he is no longer 25 (which at that age it is a no brainer whether you come back or not), but he is now 38.  At that age you have to think long and hard as to whether you are on top of your game or not. 

He was not given time to think.  Mr. Thompson wanted an answer.  Brett has admitted that he screwed up when he announced his retirement.  The man changed his mind and has the right to do so.  My wife changes her mind about every 30 minutes.  Could it be that Brett is human?

The bottom line to this article is that Brett has made human decisions.  Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a right to change their mind.  Let us all not be so quick to judge.  Can't we just realize that he is human, and loves the game.  He who is without fault, let them cast the first stone!