Allen Iverson in Rumored Move to Bulls?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2008

Allen Iverson was traded a couple of seasons ago to the Denver Nuggets. Now that the experiment really has not worked out, the Nuggets are looking to shop around AI this offseason.

An inside source confirms that Iverson is having various teams look at his value. With the summer just heating up, this could be the biggest blockbuster deal.

The big place for Iverson to land is in Chicago. Imagine Derrick Rose and Iverson running the floor? That would be exciting.

A possible trade scenario would involve the Bulls to sign and trade Ben Gordon to the Nuggets with Kirk Hinrich and Joakim Noah for Iverson and Nene Hilario. A couple other players and draft picks could be put in to even out the trade, but this would be the best place for Iverson. Remember, the Nuggets have $10 million of space since trading Camby to the Clippers.

In Gordon the Nuggets would get a player who can spread the floor, in Hinrich a point guard, and Noah could be the big man to replace Marcus Camby.

This lineup would have them favored to make the playoffs. With Hinrich, Gordon, Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, and Noah, Denver would have a more balanced squad that would allow Anthony to be the leader.

The Bulls, in my opinion, would be contenders in the East. Iverson had never really had a point guard like Rose next to him. A possible lineup could be Rose, Iverson, Deng, Drew Gooden, and Nene.

The Bulls' bench will also be deep—it would be headed by Tyrus Thomas and Larry Hughes. This is why I believe the move will get them over the top. They have not had a star since Jordan—Iverson would end that.

The Bulls would also have a low post threat. Noah was not a center and was a problem off the court. He would fit well in Denver. Nene, who is now healthy, can be a reliable post option for them.

The Bulls could be the best option, but there are others who could have Iverson fitting in well. The Mavericks with Kidd, AI, and Nowitzki would be intriguing. They would have to get rid of Josh Howard and Dampier, however.

Iverson is the greatest scorer in NBA history for his size. He took the 76ers on his back to championships, but could not find his way to finishing off that big win. Denver was supposed to allow him to do this, but Chicago may be his destiny.