Jon Fitch Ready for His Close Up

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Jon Fitch Ready for His Close Up

Jon Fitch is in the final stages of preparing for his UFC welterweight championship fight against the current champion and No. 1 ranked Georges St. Pierre at UFC 87 on August 9, 2008. 

For the first time in his UFC career, Fitch will be fighting in a main event with all eyes on him and the spotlight shining bright. 

He will enter the octagon a heavy underdog. However, this will most certainly be the opportunity of a lifetime.  One that is long overdue. 

Fitch's resume is arguably more impressive and more accomplished than any No. 1 contender ever in the UFC.  He is 17-0 as a welterweight, 8-0 in the UFC, and has won 15 fights in a row.

What most people don't know is that his eight consecutive UFC victories ties the all-time record set by UFC Hall of Fame inductee and MMA legend Royce Gracie.   

He has defeated the likes of No. 3 ranked Thiago Alves, No. 7 Diego Sanchez, No. 22 Chris Wilson, No. 23 Brock Larson, and No. 31 Roan Carneiro on his way to tying the record. 

Fitch has paid his dues but frequently remains absent when fans and media are discussing the best fighters in MMA.  He has never quite gotten the level of respect or recognition that he deserves. 


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