UFC 115 B/R Road Report: Exclusive Video Interview with Carlos Condit

Greg ParfittCorrespondent IJune 10, 2010

The energy and buzz in downtown Vancouver is building by the hour.

It can mean only one thing, that UFC 115 is finally almost upon us and fight week is in full flow here in the Pacific North West.

For one fighter on the card in Vancouver this could very well be the most important fight of his career even if it may appear on the surface that there is not a lot on the line.

Carlos Condit, the former WEC Welterweight Champion takes on the rising undefeated young Canadian Rory MacDonald in his own back yard at UFC 115.

A win will likely not help Condit's future a great deal as it would be the expected result, but a loss would be a huge blow to the Team Jackson fighter's career aspirations. 

Condit hit the pads yesterday at the open workouts with his assistant trainer from Team Jackson, Chad Lemoine. I managed to grab a few words with both Carlos and Chad after the workout.

Lemoine who has trained and known Carlos since the age of 15 called his fight with Rory MacDonald "the biggest fight of Carlos's career."

He went on to add "the work is done and it's now a question of just getting the mind right."

Head coach Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn will be in town today to help Condit finalize his preparations for UFC 115, but based on the evidence of what I saw yesterday, there is not much that needs to be done.

Condit is ready to go!

But for now both Lemoine and Condit are looking forward to enjoying what Vancouver has to offer.

Judging from our brief chat, it certainly seems that Condit and his camp are relishing the fact that he will go into this fight not as the crowd favorite, as MacDonald is a British Columbia native and will be fighting in front of a rabid home town crowd Saturday night.

In conversation with UFC Condit said "I think all the pressure is on him. Whenever I've fought in my home town before it's a whole lot of added stress."

He added "we'll see how MacDonald handles it. No matter what, I'm going to get into the octagon and perform and do what I'm best at."

"Geography doesn't enter into it. But a nice knee to the jaw ought to quiet them down."

This fight could be a great opportunity for Condit to fight without pressure for the first time since he entered the UFC.

Both fighters have a lot to lose but MacDonald is most definitely the one carrying the hype and weighty expectations into UFC 115. 

As Condit said to me, the most important thing is that he keeps moving in the right direction, which is back up the Welterweight divisional ladder.

Luckily for the fight fans out there they wont have to wait long to find out where Condit's future is heading, as UFC 115 is now only 2 days away.

After seeing Condit workout and chatting with him, my belief that he will emerge victorious Saturday night has only strengthened.

That's all for now, but stay tuned for me up to the minute UFC 115 coverage.

Greg Parfitt is on the ground in Vancouver reporting for Bleacher Report at UFC 115.



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