Raw Viewer's Choice: Were Fights Fixed? Predetermined? Who are the Real Fans?

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IJune 9, 2010

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Fans hold up signs during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Hello, IWC. I'm back.

I'm already aware of the other articles discussing RAW's last episode. But I have my own opinions about the event.

Last week, I wrote an article about RAW viewer's choice. I asked whether it's the fans' chance to really shape history or if it's only another mess.


WWE wrote some phrases on their site like, "Let your voice be heard," and,"It's your chance to shape history."

They also asked us, "Do you want to see John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio in a ladder match? Or you might be interested in a Jericho vs. The Miz in the loser shuts his mouth match? It's your chance."

While reading this, I thought that it's really our chance to choose any match we want.

Micheal Cole's statement, "You make the matches. You choose the participants. You choose the stipulations," made the point even more convincing.

Hearing and reading all this stuff simply meant one thing for me.

We can choose any superstars in any type of matches.

Not surprisingly, the event turned was just another version of Taboo Tuesday and Cyber Sunday. The only new thing wrinkle was that it was done live during the show. So it wasn't any match we choose.

It was any match they tell us to choose.

Honestly, I wasn't at all surprised with the voting process. Oh man. Why did I think differently?

I mean, do you believe WWE would give you complete control of the whole show? I don't think so. I feel sorry I wasted my time giving predictions about something that never occurred.

However, I must admit that having such voting wouldn't work unless it was done one week beforehand. WWE would be in real trouble if they gave us unlimited choices.


Simply because they would be lost with tons of possibilities and countless possible outcomes to think off. I don't know if they would have had enough time to arrange the outcomes of the matches, and the way they could be called, if we had been the ones to choose them.

With this said, allow me to move on to the real issue I want to discuss.

I think most of you were surprised by some voting results that may be simply anti-IWC. As the Miz says, "Really? Really IWC? you hate Hornswoggle? You hate Khali? You like Christian? You like MVP? Well the fans don't."

I was really surprised with some of the results. But overall, there was nothing major to me.

Inspired by Professor Mike, I ask, "Are the real fans the silent majority and IWC the vocal minority?"

I'll discuss each match briefly.


Big Show vs. Chris Jericho

If it was up to the IWC, they would definitely choose a submission match. But not the fans.

Anyway, let me say one thing about this match. It seems that regardless of the voting results, we were going to see the same scene.

As for the voting results, I only feel the fans are saying, "We want to see Jericho body slammed. We want to see Big Show continue with this super natural and unbeatable character he had since moving to Smackdown."

In other words, they are enjoying Big Show's main-event appearances, unlike the IWC. I may add that Jerry the King Lawler's saying, "Big Show is gonna love this stipulation," might have had its influence on the fans' voting.


The Hart Dynasty vs. The Great Khali & Hornswoggle

WOW! What a blow for the IWC! Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude. But you had the chance to see the USOs' debut match or watch the Dudebusters against the Hart Dynasty.

But what did you get instead? The worst combination you can see in any tag-team.

There you have it, two WWE superstars who are simply the least popular among IWC members, receiving 54 percent!

You want more tag-teams? You thought the USO's made an impact and will be having a great feud with the Hart Dynasty? You think the Dudebusters facing the Hart Dynasty could be good? You hate Hornswoggle and Khali?

Unfortunately, the fans had other thoughts.

They like Hornswoggle angles. They like the face Great Khali. They didn't like the USOs.

Enough said.


Santino Marella vs. Vladimir Koslov

IWC members think these two wrestlers are underrated. However, the fans see them as a joke. So they thought that a dance-off is the best thing for them. Nine percent voted for a normal match! 84 percent wanted to see an entertaining segment instead. A segment that is simply disliked by IWC.

Another blow here.


Diva Battle Royal

Three stupid choices.

They tried to throw all the divas together in one ring, as usual, or have a champion vs. champion match. Of course this was going to be a handicap match with Eve vs. Team Lay-Cool.

Nothing new. All divas together in one ring. We've seen this dozens of times on RAW.


Kane vs. Sheamus

Oh yes, we've seen a backstage confrontation between Sheamus and Kane. And then WWE asked you, "Do you want to see Kane vs. Sheamus? Yes or yes?"

The answer was 88 percent for Kane! Honestly, I don't have any problem with this choice. But the match was nothing more than a disappointment.

Mark Henry received three percent of the votes. I'm surprised he even got that much.

Evan Bourne received nine percent. Poor Evan.

It was nice to see you in the main-event last week. But for now, welcome back to the mid-card section.

I never thought about his match last week as a push to the main event scene.


R-Truth & John Morrison vs. The Miz & Zack Ryder

Nothing much to say about it. One thing the fans wanted to see. They like the team of R-Truth and Morrison and they want to see more matches from them. I don't think that this can be considered as a blow for Christian. The fans are still used to the Jomo-Truth team, and WWE know this. This is only my opinion.

As for Zack Ryder, he got 45 percent. I don't know if the fans did this because he's the least hated by them, but that wasn't good news for Ziggler.

Anyway, it was good to see Morrison return.


Randy Orton vs. Edge

Why is WWE still using Orton in segments, even though he's injured? Is there anybody on this planet who still doesn't know about his injury? Why do they still insist on putting him in matches we all know how they might be ending?

Theodre Long and Bret Hart announced the match, and due to Orton's injury they thought Edge should be in a position where both wrestlers could have equal opportunities.

So Edge had to wrestle with one hand tied behind his back. No need to tell you what the "Ultimate Opportunist" had to do about it. I expect Orton to be limited at Fatal Four Way.

The only thing I liked about the match is that I feel I could ram it down the throat of anybody who thinks Orton might be bumped in the near future. This match only shows you that WWE still can't help but put him in more segments even with an injury.


Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy

The fans wanted to see who the mystery opponent is. So you get 88 percent for Hardy. Honestly, I wanted to see this match.

I think that the fans would still vote for Hardy even if he was revealed. I even think he would have gotten a higher percentage.

Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust???!!! Oh, come on, do you think WWE wanted you to vote for them?


John Cena vs. CM Punk

That was another match I really wanted to see. Surprisingly, Rey Mysterio, who was expected to receive the highest percentage, failed to beat Punk.

That is the only match I can really say WWE didn't expect to have.

Unfortunately, there was no end for the match.

As for the NXT invasion, I don't have much to say about it. It was the best end for the worst RAW episode.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I have mixed emotions about this week's show. Did you notice that nearly all the matches were horrible?

Was this really a wrestling show?

I think it was the worst show ever, even TNA Impact would have beat their ratings if they were still on Monday nights. I heard that many fans left before the end of the show. But still, I liked the end of it for one reason only.

It was surprising.

My question is, "What do you think about the viewer's choice? Was it fixed? Did WWE decide the matches ahead of time? Were our views really considered? Was the whole thing a dodge?

My answer is simple. The results may not be fixed, but WWE sure had some influence on the fans' choices.

But I still say it's a shame to have us tempted by previews and promotions informing fans that we can choose any type of match, with any wrestlers. Maybe the voting results just showed that the fans didn't really care for the show after learning about the voting process.

This may be a reason for such outcomes.

But again, I say it was stupid to think that WWE could make us control the show ourselves. (Yeah, I've been saying this to myself).

I knew WWE would limit our choices. But I never expected to see such silly stipulations for each match. No ladder match was available, unlike what WWE said in their website.

And I have a few more questions. What do you think about the outcomes of the voting? Was it really your choice as WWE said? Do you think the fans wanted to see those matches?

I can only say a few things about it. Unfortunately, if the voting results are real, then I guess that this is what the real fans want to see. You had the chance to let WWE hear your voice, and that was the outcome.

You should simply live with it.

I guess Professor Mike's terms describing IWC as the "vocal minority" and the real WWE fans as the "silent majority" are actually true.

What do you think? Are you really the vocal minority? Was this whole show fixed without taking into consideration your choices? Or do you think the real fans didn't really bother to vote for the matches after learning about the process?

My own answer is a mixture of all three questions.

Whatever your thoughts are, I hope WWE never thinks about this viewer's choice again. This show was another epic fail.

All said and done. I'll be glad to read your comments and thoughts, no matter how hot they might be.






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