The Revival Of Storylines In Professional Wrestling

Jason RichmondCorrespondent IJune 9, 2010

The WWE did something this week that hasn't happened in a very long time. They surprised me with not one, but two story lines! The two story lines are obvious, but my twist on it might now be so obvious.


First of all, Friday Night Smackdown started off with the announcement that the Undertaker was in a 'vegetative state' and would be unable to compete in the Smackdown main event at Fatal 4way. This prompted the Undertaker's brother Kane to come to the ring and give one of the best promos in a long time about how he would bring justice to those who had damned his brother. The WWE took the injury to the Undertaker and gave us a classic 'who done it?' and made the centerpiece of that the chronically underused Kane. Kane has been doing whatever the WWE asked of him for years now and definitely deserves an angle better than the Katie Vick or Lita's baby angles. This storyline already showed it's impact on Raw when 88% of fans wanted to see Kane face Sheamus because they knew he was pissed off and we all love a pissed off Kane!

Speaking of RAW, RAW gave us a storyline that has the IWC chatting it up like never before. As anyone who is reading this already knows, RAW ended with the NXT season 1 rookie decimating the Straight Edge Society, John Cena, and any person, place, or thing that was employed or owned by the WWE.

I've often said the best way to build any Superstar is bring them in as a heel. If you try to force-feed a face down our throats they will get rejected. The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, some of the most beloved wrestlers ever all made names for themselves and were BETTER as heels. So what better way to build up 8 guys that could take your organization into the 2010's (is that right 2010s?) Make them a gang warfare heel faction that destroys everyone. Then eventually a Bryan Danielson or a Justin Gabriel could fight against the faction and bring it down from within and become a megaface. This strategy definitely worked for Randy Orton AND Batista and that out of a four man faction! Imagine the possibilities with an 8 man group.

I've also been hearing buzz around the IWC that Michael Cole is suspected to have hand in the bringing together of this group, which I also love. Cole has been taking abuse for so long from everyone. The whole 'he's not JR' bit is getting old. No one is going to be JR so who gives a crap. Michael Cole has given 13 years of his life being a yes man in WWE and getting no respect for it. It's about time he said NO and brought in some muscle to help him do it.

So WWE two great storylines that have a lot of potential....but what if it was really just one, amazing storyline?

NXT S1 is over, the 8 rookies are talking about what they can do to make an impact in the WWE, and they decide to make a megastable and take out everyone in their path. But who should you take out first? What one wrestler can everyone rally behind to take down first. What one wrestler came down and said he was frustrated and wanted to take out his aggression on the 8 members of the NXT roster? That's right....Kane. Well now the NXT roster is frustrated and they are coming for Kane. But they're not just going to come down and beat up on Kane. No. They're going to attack him from within, take out his brother to get him even more riled up. Then they are going to destroy RAW to get the move people's focus so that they think the intention of this group is to make an impact on RAW and then later go in for the kill on their first real victim, the big red machine.

I REALLY hope this is the way this angle is going. Either way as two separate angles or one massive angle....this summer has a lot of potential for WWE programming.