Aren't Hall Of Fame Caliber Quarterbacks Supposed To Be Smart?

Sam RobinsonCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

If you are going to do something against the rules, you are supposed to cover your bases. you would assume someone like Brett Favre would know this. Now I know why they say that to assume is to make an a** out of you and me.


The NFL began its investigation into the Viking's alleged tampering charges made by the Packers, accusing Brett Favre of making inappropriate contact with the Vikings while still under contract as a Packer. Proof of such tampering was thought to be nearly impossible to find. Bob McGinn of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune seems to have uncovered the proof:

"...Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had an interesting bit of information in a piece he wrote about the quarterback today.

McGinn writes that a source said Favre had continued to use a Packers-issued cell phone and that when the team checked the phone records it found “repeated calls to coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.”

The possibility of Favre having used a phone issued by the Packers had been speculated on last week after the Associated Press reported that Green Bay informed the NFL it felt “an investigation of the phone records would show more than ‘normal contact’ between the Vikings and Favre, even before he formally asked for his release to play for another team.”


Especially considering how easily information can be found in today's world, why would Brett Favre make the dumb mistake of using a TEAM ISSUED PHONE!?!?!? Brett, you need to stop now. You are following down the dreaded Clemens path. If you don't stop your meddling soon, you will go from the most beloved Quarterback of this era to a stained manipulator. Favre could end up costing the Vikings draft picks and fines while never playing a down for them, while also putting the Packers in an even more miserable position. All i know is, the Bears are having a nice chuckle through this whole ordeal.