NXT Season 2 Recap & Review: The Welcome Party Beat Down

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IJune 9, 2010

The show opened with the introduction of the pros and their rookies.


The host, Matt Striker, advised the WWE Universe that the vote would consist of the pros and the WWE Universe sharing a 50-50 result. The first vote will be in three weeks and the first elimination would be on week six.


As Stryker attempted to end the segment, Husky Harris grabbed the microphone and rambled. This led Titus O’Neal to push Harris and take the microphone. A shoving match ensued between all the NXT rookies.


Michael Cole and Josh Matthews commented on the attack of John Cena by the NXT Season 1 graduates.




John Morrison/Eli Cottonwood vs. Zack Ryder/Titus O’Neal Match:




Morrison and Ryder started the match with a very brief exchange. Morrison then tagged in Cottonwood as Ryder immediately made the tag to O’Neal.


Titus O’Neal knocked down Cottonwood with a shoulder block. O’Neal looked like he was in control until he started to showboat. Cottonwood powered O’Neal into the corner, where he tagged Morrison back in.


Morrison hopped the rope and landed a dropkick on O’Neal in the corner. O’Neal retreated to the outside quickly.


The match ended when Morrison landed Starship Pain on O’Neal for the victory.


Striker interviewed the winners. Morrison said that Cottonwood held his own tonight.


The Miz insulted Cottonwood by saying that he wasn’t entertained and that he failed.


Match Rating: 5/10




The pairing of Morrison and Cottonwood is odd at best. The match was average and had no dazzle. Cottonwood and O’Neal didn’t even have any real offense, shoulder block notwithstanding.


The Miz saying that he wasn’t entertained does not seem to benefit anyone. I don’t see how you are going to sell a show’s audience to watch weekly when the talent is telling you that the matches are unentertaining. 


Alex Riley vignette:


Riley definitely has the gift of gab. His gimmick, however, is very similar to Jack Swagger's.


His college athletic background makes him legit. I wonder how he brags with a straight face about being a college star when he knows that Percy Watson and Titus O’Neal are former NFL players.




MVP/Percy Watson vs. Cody Rhodes/Husky Harris Match:




Percy Watson insisted that he start the match. Cody Rhodes had control of Watson and left him laying when he tagged in Husky Harris.


Husky Harris landed a running splash on Watson in the corner followed with a gut wrench slam. Cody Rhodes forced Harris to tag him back in.


Rhodes proceeded to beat down Watson. Rhodes tagged Husky Harris back in who dropped his buffet-loving body on Watson.


Watson tagged in MVP, who dropped Harris. Watson alerted MVP when Rhodes attempted to interfere. Rhodes ended up on the outside after receiving a kick to the gut from MVP.


Percy Watson landed the float-over DDT on Harris for the win.


Rhodes grabbed the microphone away from Striker and said “Husky Harris looks awfully familiar. Not only do you look like someone in my own family, but you look like every one of these people.”


Striker eventually retrieved the microphone after cornering Rhodes.


MVP said that “Showtime Percy Watson is ready for primetime.”


Match Rating: 7/10




This was a much better match than the opening bout.


Husky Harris has a lot of ring presence and great mobility for a chubby guy.


Percy Watson jobbed for most of the match but did get rewarded with the pin on Harris.


Rhodes had a good point when he talked about Watson already being an accomplished athlete and that his task of making Harris a star would be more challenging.


Michael McGillicutty vignette:


McGillicutty (Joe Hennig) talked about being wrestling royalty. He reminded everyone that he was the grandson of Larry “The Ax” Hennig and son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig.


The Final Segment:


Both the Pros and Rookies were invited back into the ring. Striker asked everyone to watch the attack on John Cena by NXT Season 1 Rookies.


The Rookies generally said that their predecessors were making a statement when asked for their opinions.


Matt Striker welcomed the NXT Season 2 Rookies into the WWE.


The Pros then attacked the Rookies and sent them to the outside to finish the show.


Final Thoughts:


The show only had two matches and both were tag team bouts. Only Eli Cottonwood, Titus O’Neal, Husky Harris, and Percy Watson saw action. I would have liked to see another match or maybe a battle royal to get a better look at all the rookies.


The show should have showcased McGillicutty, Riley, Kaval, and Lucky Cannon since they are who I believe most of the WWE Universe wanted to see.


Titus O’Neal looks like he might need some work on the microphone.


Eli Cottonwood needs to step up his aggression to get noticed.


Both Percy Watson and Husky Harris had impressive debuts.


I liked how the end of the show worked well with the current NXT Season 1 invasion angle.


Joe Hennig’s “Michael McGillicutty” ring name is awful. Rotundo’s “Husky Harris” ring name is better. But why even mention their family legacy if you are going to give them different names? Just let them be Joe Hennig and Husky Rotundo.



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