NXT's Invasion Could Be Much More Than Meets The Eye

Bryan VelosoContributor IJune 9, 2010

Sitting speechless. Are we being conditioned to once again expect the unexpected? The past two weeks of WWE programming have taken quite the turn in recent memory. The push of Evan Bourne and the vegetation of the Undertaker have taken a back seat to, of all things, rookies.

Let's not talk about the perceived quality of last night's RAW. The IWC is once again taking care of that for us. Instead, let's take a look at what this could mean for the future—for the rookies, for NXT and for the WWE "universe" in general.

My mind was quite blank and my mouth half opened for most of the 12 minutes of destruction at the hands of Season One's participants. Wade comes out; alright, that's predictable enough, he IS apparently the next breakout superstar. Then, the other seven rookies come out.

Wait, what? Weren't these guys feuding for the last 15 weeks?

While sporting shoulder bands with the recognizable "N" embroidered on them, everyone, even the "ignored" Brian Danielson took part in a premeditated and coordinated destruction of everything the current WWE stands for—the set, the announcers, and the face, John Cena.

It's just chock full of symbolism.

The first thought that eventually came to mind was the fact that if ALL eight NXT rookies were participating in what seemed to be an angle that would last a while, what was the importance of NXT in the first place? What was the importance of Wade winning at all? Did the WWE Pros unintentionally elect the leader of this new "invasion" faction? If anything, the importance seemed to be lost.

With NXT2's premiere tonight, it was hard to shake the feeling. Would we again wait 15 weeks for a leader of a new faction to come about? Let's take it one step further. Is the WWE slowly promoting its developmental territory in FCW to serve a more important role in the WWE ecosystem? WCW status maybe?

Obviously, there are more questions than answers. This is a resurgence of the "invasion" storyline and we're going to have to sit back and take it. While the comparisons are easy to make, the whole fact that the conditions are different makes the whole situation a lot more unpredictable. If the management is aiming for a little confusion, they're doing a pretty good job.

What I'm most interested in are seeing how the NXT saga unfolds; what concerns me is the struggle to keep balance between the three storylines introduced in the past two weeks. Even more so, we've had eight fresh new heels land in our lap.

Balance indeed.