Out Of Ammo: The Fall Of The Motor City Machine Guns In TNA

Ken DrabekCorrespondent IIJune 8, 2010

Last month at "Sacrifice," the Motor City Machine Guns won a three-way match against Team 3D and Beer Money, Inc. to become the number one contenders for the TNA tag team championship.

Perhaps I missed something, but the Guns have been strangely absent on Impact since.

The current TNA tag champs are the Band, consisting of Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Eric Young. They defend those titles under the "Freebird rule," meaning that any pairing of the two can defend the championships.

The Band will be putting their belts on the line against former tag team champion Matt Morgan and a partner of his choosing at the next TNA pay-per-view, "Slammiversary."

What happened to Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley being the number one contenders?

Morgan is cashing in his rematch clause after losing the belts to the band in controversial fashion. After taking a vicious beating from Samoa Joe, Morgan lost to Nash, who cashed in his "feast or fired" briefcase containing a tag title shot. Hall and Nash became the top tag team in all of TNA.

It is only fair that Morgan gets his rematch, though it probably should have happened at "Sacrifice" last month. Instead, the Band made their first PPV title defense against the new team of Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore, now known as Ink Inc.

That's right.

One man held, and then lost the tag team titles, to a team who was in their prime over a decade ago. That team then made their first major title defense against a team who had likely wrestled less than three matches as tag partners.

Yes, the booking of TNA's tag team division is really that ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the Guns are still the supposed number one contenders but they have been relegated to wrestling non-televised, web-only matches and working house shows.

Wouldn't it make sense to prominently feature a team who are top contenders? At least throw them on Impact more than once every few months. Otherwise, why make them contenders at all?

The fact that one of the most talented teams in wrestling remains so sorely misused by the people at TNA is absolutely mind boggling. As much as the Hogan/Bischoff regime is guilty of neglecting the Guns, it seems to be the same old story for Sabin and Shelley in TNA.

They have spent over three years working for TNA and have yet to win the tag team championships. This is despite becoming one of the more popular and well-respected duos in the company. Both men have had success within the X Division but for whatever reason TNA management has refused to give them the ball as a team and let them run with it.

Both men possess athletic builds, top-notch agility and above-average ring skills. They work better as a team than just about any pairing in wrestling today. They are decent on the mic and the fans in Orlando seem to enjoy them whenever they make a rare Impact appearance.

It is kind of a sad statement for TNA when the most exciting thing the Guns have done in 2010 is compete for the Ring of Honor tag team championships against the Kings of Wrestling at "Supercard of Honor VIII" last month.

At this point, it seems there is really nothing left for Sabin and Shelley as a team in TNA. As much as they deserve a shot at being the tag champs, the fact they are being used so randomly lends itself to the fact that it likely isn't going to happen.

Perhaps they can both try to step back into the singles spotlight and see if they have any more success in the X Division?

Maybe they can go the Daniels route and request a release from the company. Doing that would give them the freedom to go overseas full time or jump back into the ROH ring. Either of those options would have to give them more career satisfaction than their current role with TNA.

Then again, maybe TNA will prove the doubters wrong and give the MCMGs a run with the belts after they clean up the mess of a tag team division they have created. Perhaps they will cash in their title shot after "Slammiversary" and walk away with the gold.

Knowing TNA's decision makers, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.



Photo courtesy of Lee South/TNA Wrestling