Monday Night RAW: Where Mid-Carders Go To Shine?

KawajaiContributor IJune 8, 2010

Evan Bourne has pinned the 'Celtic Warrior Sheamus!

R-Truth is the new United States Champion!

Bryan Danielson has defeated The Miz!

RAW, the centerfold of the wrestling market. The prestige of wrestling shows. The flagship show of the WWE. Never known for its generosity to younger stars . . . until now.

The longest episodic television show in history sure has had its stars. But criticized to the fullest extent by the Internet Wrestling Communtiy. Vince has been constantly ridiculed for turning WWE RAW to a show devoted established main eventers. We don't usually see younger stars being thrown into themain event scene (excluding Sheamus). But suddenly, McMahon threw us a curve ball and make us think of the consequences of our inexplicable actions. As the old saying goes, "You mess with the bull, you get the horns." Well sometimes, those 'horns' aren't always bad things.

On the May 31st episode of RAW, we witnessed something that was impossible to happen just a week earlier. We witnessed Evan Bourne becoming the star the Internet Wrestling Community saw in him in Ring of Honor and Wrestling Society X. The IWC was informed of his talents, but he didn't have the star quality of the WWE 'Superstar'. That was, until last week. Vince has listened to us. When Evan appeared as John Cena's mystery partner, we saw a star shining. He proved to the casual fans of the WWE Universe and Vince McMahon that he belongs in the main event scene. He showed everyone that the new generation of 'Superstars' are rolling in and the change is happening.

On the May 24th episode of Monday Night RAW, R-Truth was crowned United States Champion over the Miz. This was his first singles title in the WWE. Truthfully, I thought R-Truth as moved to RAW to be in silly and unnecessary guest host segments. Boy, I was wrong. He has developed into the star all because he had his moment in the spotlight. His match last week, defeating Chris Jericho was actually a good match. The WWE will continue to push this guy higher and getting him over with the fans. Truth is an exceptional performer. 

May 31st is the date. Just weeks before, the eliminated-from-NXT Bryan Danielson took his well-deserved anger out on his number one enemy, Michael Cole. Bryan took down Cole with a push. The next week, Cole demands an apology and Bryan attacks him again. His Pro for NXT starts yelling at him and Bryan attacks Miz, leading up to a match on RAW. Bryan Danielson defeated The Miz that week on RAW. After the match, Bryan threw Miz onto Cole at commentary and they both went down. What looked to be just petty name calling by Cole on commentary has turned into one of the best well-written angles since the Ruthless Aggression Era. Look, Bryan is the John Cena of the IWC. he truly is the best wrestler in the United States of America. Vince McMahon knows this and put him out in the ring like this. Genius! Don't expect a The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan match and if Bryan wins, he gets a WWE contract. If Bryan loses, he is banned from WWE forever.

To put it all into perspective, Vince has done what he needs to do as the Chairman of the WWE. And that is to give the fans what they want. Now, he is successfully doing that.