Timely Hitting: Striking at the Heart of your Opponents Confidence

Kyle MeadowsCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2008

Bill Hall has been watching Star Wars Episode V too much.  He hit the game winning homerun two nights ago agianst the Cardinals.

Then last night, he struck back, again. 

Hall hit another game winning home run after the Cards bullpen let another lead late into the game get away.  

In past years, Cardinals fans would brush this off because the Brewers usually would be 15 games behind at this point in the season, but Bill Hall has hit two game winning home runs to take sole possession of the second spot in the Central. 

Timely hitting is one of the most important aspects in the game, and the Brewers are showing all of us how much they can benefit from it.  

The Brewers are getting their timely hitting from the Cards' bullpen.  The bullpen isn't pitching well in any inning, consistently calling to attention for a closer to come in from a trade.  But that doesn't take away the fact that the Brewers are getting the job done when the game has been on the line the last two nights. 

Timely hitting not only gives the other team an advantage on the scoreboard, but it also takes the crowd out of the game.  This is helpful, especially when on the road and playing without a crowd to cheer you on.  Hall took the Busch faithful out of the equation two nights in a row, which doesn't happen often. 

The Brewers last two wins have shown a lack of confidence the Cardinals have in their bullpen.  Bill Hall himself is showing the Cards that they need to make a trade for a closer before the deadline, otherwise timely hitting will put a damper on the Cardinals playoff hopes faster than we think. 

The Cards do not need to make a big splash, but they do need to land a strikeout left hander before the deadline. 

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)