This Here Is What We Call Domination: NXT Rookies Go Wild On WWE RAW!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 8, 2010

You wouldn't believe how many people found me on Skype and/or Facebook when I was on watching WWE RAW last night. While I was in the middle of the show, as I DVRed it, I got questions like, "Dude did you see RAW", and, "Man, RAW's ending was epic, you see it?" etc.

I begged them not to let me know, as I was getting close to seeing it. After finally seeing the ending, I have to say that it's about time the WWE shocked the world again.

The last match was John Cena vs CM Punk as voted on by the WWE Universe, and toward the end of the match, Wade Barrett, NXT Season 1 winner, came out and stood on the entrance ramp.

This baffled Cena, as he had no idea why Wade was there. You could see Cena mouthing the words, "You have a problem with me?". Barrett then began to walk down the ramp, and the camera then panned to the crowd where all the NXT Season 1 participants were coming out. All the NXT rookies had the letter "N" attached to on a band.

They surrounded the ring, and then attacked Punk and the SES. Then they all came in the ring to surround Cena. Once Cena realized what was going down, he knew that the NXT guys were about to try to make an impact at his expense.

He then went after the big dog, Barrett, but then shortly after was attacked by all 8 rookies. It then began to be an 8-on-1 beat down. Punk tried to come back in to get some retribution, but was then beat down once more himself.


The rookies tore up the ring and everything around it as they continued to beat on Cena. They even attacked the ring announcer, Matt Stiker, and Jerry Lawler.

Cena was beaten by every rookie, from Barrett to Sheffield. Bryan Danielson, I mean, Daniel Bryan, spat in Cena's face and said something along the lines of, "You think you're better than me, you're not better than me"; which he repeated it a few times. Then, he kicked Cena right in the head.

After Barrett did his fireman's carry slam, the capper was Justin Gabriel hitting the 450 Splash on Cena. Some of you don't notice these kinds of things. But, Gabriel did terrific facial acting. You could see fire in his eyes, and total seriousness on his face, as if he wanted to prove something.

See, this is what I'm talking about. Outsmart the Internet guys by getting something out there before newsboards get a SPOILER in. I've always said that it's impossible for me or any other person to write out a SPOILER if the WWE elite can keep it in house and quiet.

They did that last night, which I was very happy to see. Some are saying this is one of the best WWE RAW endings ever, while some are being moronic jackasses by saying that they don't want to see these guys pushed and it's the WWE so they automatically know the storyline will be crap.

To them I say, give it time! If it turns out bad, then it does. But wait before condemning it.

To me, this was obviously hyping NXT tonight, which is probably the place where we'll get some answers that the IWC seems to be searching for.

But, the surprise alone got people talking. NXT was a trending topic on Twitter. And many wrestling news websites said that their traffic was at PPV level even. This is perfect for the WWE obviously.

It looks as if some sort of faction will be formed with all 8 rookies. And before you say it's too big or something, think back to the Attitude Era where we saw a ton of big factions with just as many.

I give you DX as an example.

They also may be the people who took out The Undertaker now that I think about it. What kind of a message does that send, right? Taking out the Phenom? Now, we all know Taker is hurt, which is why he is out. But kayfabe wise, he's in a vegetative state.

Kane has vowed revenge, so it will be interesting to see how things turn out if the NXT Season 1 rookies say they took out the Deadman.

I feel we have some excitement in the WWE now, which has lacked for a lot of the PG Era. But, since 2010, we have seen some great things on TV. I don't think anyone can doubt that the WWE is at least trying.

They have started to develop the tag division which the fans wanted to see. They used Danielson pretty well too, which fans asked for. They gave us Orton/Edge with a great story, which fans loved. It is a shame Orton got hurt though.

So this PG era that fans seem to want to hate on is now getting good. The WWE, I've said all along, can give us good TV without using only sex and foul language. They just proved my point last night on RAW.

The thing I probably liked the most about it all was that the NXT rookies came in, destroyed, then left with no explanation. Which was probably the thing that got people talking the most.

It kinda goes back to how some horror movies are done, where they don't show you the attack and your imagination scares you more than actual footage of the attack does, because what you imagine is worse than what you actually would see from Hollywood.

Last night, the WWE had that role given to the rookies somewhat. We have no idea why they did it, which is why we are so intrigued by it if you ask me.

The thing I love the most is, they're using young talent to do it. Something TNA needs to think about doing. And these are basically rookies here, and their making people excited. TNA has established young talent, that they aren't using right. WWE>TNA here people. Not being a WWE mark, I'm just saying.