NXT Rookies Puts the Entertainment in WWE.

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJune 8, 2010

Reports are all over the boards and sites saying that last night's Monday Night Raw was a terrible show up until the last 5 minutes where the NXT rookies came out and decimated the ring, champion John Cena, announcers Jerry Lawler and Justin Roberts, and knocked out the referee. They threw chairs and essentially destroyed Monday Night Raw as it went off the air.

What did this accomplish, doing the one thing that WWE has had difficulty doing as of late; getting watchers to say: "What the heck is going on?!"

Triple H himself came right out in the ring and said there's a formula, the bad guy comes out says "blah blah blah," the good guy retorts with a funny comeback or bad ass attitude. Bad guy goes to retreat to fight another day or may attempt a sucker punch, so comes about a rivalry and the storyline ensues.

But last night, this made us say, where most of the stuff was predictable, except maybe Koslov winning the dance challenge. I don't know what's going to happen next?

This made all of us loyal watchers so intrigued and so happy that if this is handled right it will be fantastic!

So many questions to be asked:

1. Why was the victor, Wade Barret, leading them?!

2. How did Daniel Bryan the smallest guy in the challenge become the most threatening?!

3. So if everyone lost but Barret, why are they all still here? Are they all staying?

4. Where the hell did Michale Cole go?! Doesn't Bryan hate him? Is he behind all this?

The fact that Cole escaped has to play a part of this, he's been too much of the story line thus far.

But that's what great about this, its making us try and come up with how this storyline will go but we have no idea, as for the rest of Raw, I enjoyed it.

Big Show vs. Jericho in a slam match was funny, entertaining, and it gave them a light match to make sure they're solid for the upcoming pay per view.

Hart Dynasty vs. Kahil and Hornswoggle was again entertaining and kept the show at a very PG level for kids who would be watching in that 8 o'clock hour.

Koslov vs. Santino was brilliant. It's just a shame they don't use these two more. Koslov would make a great Ivan Drago to someone, I believe him more of a threatening heel than Sheamus. Santino has been great since day one! (John Chena! Triple Ach-ey)

Divas battle royal was the cheesecake of the show.

Kane vs. Sheamus was, well, on that one, I would have rather seen Evan Bourne get in on the action. The Miz and Zac Ryder are a perfect blend of jackasses; however, The Truth and Morrison just don't mix.

Randy Orton and Edge playing up the Orton injured angle, is to probably make it seem less horrible when Orton doesn't win the title at the pay per view. 

Last night was a great WWE night in that there was funny wrestling, entertainment, some good matches and ended with one of the best endings ever.

Kudos to whomever came up with this, and now let's sit back and get ready for some good entertainment.