MMA's Dirty Fighting Secrets

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 23, 2008

Two hockey players have recently admitted to learning MMA fighting skills to increase their aggression as enforcers for their hockey teams.

It has been known that certain hockey stars are awed by the fighting skills of the Canadians fighting in the MMA organizations which will be making their way back to Canada after the sensational sell out for the premiere of the UFC in Montreal on April 21 of this year.

Of course the event included the GSP versus Serra II rematch and may have sold out as quickly in any venue, but that is not the point.  The point is that hockey players and members of other sports have been trying to get in touch with their inner source of aggression and channel it into their sports' domain to gain an advantage over tough competitors.

Since this is all suppose to have been hush-hush (until the chatty Darcy Hordichuk who is training with Chuck Liddell and Riley Cote, both admitted to taking lessons in MMA in hopes of dominating their opponents and becoming more proficient as enforcers), it leaves one to guess who else may be taking MMA lessons on the sly.

Recent events including aggression, stopping just short of violence, have been noted in Danica Patrick of racing fame, whose anger "flames on" every time she perceives that she has been crowded or cut off during a race.

What should one expect though in such a male dominated sport, although she has acted out towards another female competitor recently as well.

There has been a lot of talk about certain female tennis players who make varying levels of noises reminiscent to some of karate exclamations (other liken them to grunts like a charging boar might make to frighten it's prey), but who know what that means, possibly just a heavy lunch.

When Georges St. Pierre worked out with the Canadian wrestling team I am sure they traded lessons in dominating their opponents as well as practicing shooting and take down techniques.

Gymnasts and track and field participants could use Georges' tecniques on increasing vertical jumps and learning to be explossive when performing in their sports as well.

Actually, if you think hard enough, what sport wouldn't benefit from learning to increase core strength and build endurance like MMA fighters are compelled to do, in order to last for 15 to 25 minutes of hard battle?

Now that the hockey players have spilled the proverbial beans we can only expect for other sports professionals to step up with their own admission of secret liaisons at Jackson's gym or Team Quest, etc.  Just wait for the dominoes to start falling.

Hey, it wouldn't surprise me to see chess masters streaming to the gym for strategy planning sessions with sports' gurus like Greg Jackson.  No, really!