Thank You, BTY! Out Of Control Out Does Itself!

Brandon HamblenAnalyst IJune 8, 2010

Pensacola, Florida -- Out Of Control lived up to its name as the night was full of unexpected twists. From the opening bell, right through the main event, no one could have predicted how this night went. One constant was the in-ring action, which was extremely competitive the entire evening.

Bruiserweight Maze vs. Party Gras Justin Stone

The rivalry between Justin Stone and Maze has been going on for years, but the newest incarnation of Stone vs. Maze heated up last month following a tag match at Brawl In The Hall when Maze choked out Party Gras with Stone’s party beads.

Momentum had been with both men during the match, but it was with Party Gras as he lifted Maze up for the Party Valley Driver. The veteran Maze was able to slip out the back door, lift up Party Gras, and deliver a Bruise Your Face. After Maze picked up the 1, 2, 3, Maze quickly slipped out of the ring. Maze tripped the referee because of how quickly left the ring to disappear backstage.

Several fans in attendance claimed that they saw a foreign object in Maze’s knee pad. However, when Maze returned, the referee found no foreign object. Party Gras grabbed a mic and challenged Maze to a Bourbon Street Brawl, which was accepted by Maze, although not very confidently.

Bruiserweight Maze pinned Party Gras Justin Stone (8:08)

Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner vs. Mr. USA TA Jones

Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner has been struggling since his long time tag team Invasion partner Justin Cruze returned to New York following their Milestone III loss to Mr. USA TA Jones and Pure Doug Pitt, the First Sons of Ultimate.

TA has been steadily building momentum since the First Sons of Ultimate captured the Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Championship at Milestone III.

As the bout kicked off, TA frustrated the veteran Jerry Reiner with his strength, so much so that Mr. Electricity resorted to some old Invasion tactics including well timed eye gouges and blatant chokes.

It didn’t matter what Reiner did to keep him down, TA just kept coming, and Mr. USA’s trademark tenacity eventually paid off as he was able to land a pair of shoulder blocks, one off the top rope. TA then locked on the BBL Clutch and finished Mr. Electricity off with a BBL Slam.

To his credit, Mr. Electricity posted an immediate apology for his antics on the Ultimate message board. To see the full apology, check the Ultimate Wrestling message board.

Mr. USA TA Jones pinned Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner (10:47)

The Feature hosted by Carlos D’Angelo with guest GM Diana Drake-Hearse

As the pulchritudinous Ultimate Wrestling GM Diana Drake-Hearse promised Carlos D’Angelo that even though Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Deathrow refused to sign the contract, Carlos’ match with the monster Deathrow would take place at Out Of Control, signature or no signature.

At this time, Deathrow came out and told both Carlos and Diana that there were more deserving wrestlers than Carlos and he refused once again to sign the contract.

At this point, Deathrow, who up until this point has been a Champion’s Champion, lost any respect he had built up during his current Championship run. In the most cowardly act that I have ever witnessed, Deathrow shoved Carlos D’Angelo out of the ring, scooped up GM Diana Drake Hearse, and slammed her with a viscous Samoan Drop.

Ultimate Wrestling CEO and GM Diana Drake-Hearse’s husband Alexander Hearse III, security, and several members from backstage rushed the ring sending the monster Deathrow to the back. An understandably upset Alexander Hearse III told Deathrow his match with Carlos D’Angelo would begin right now.

Security carried Diana back stage where she received medical treatment and was later taken to the hospital for cautionary purposes.

GM Diana Drake-Hearse posted this response on “is out of the hospital, and very sore. There are injuries to my back, but hopefully all will be well. That monster Deathrow WILL PAY for this!!!!”

CEO Alexander Hearse III released a statement through the Ultimate Wrestling message board: “Let me start by saying that Diana is home from the Hospital. The altercation with Deathrow left her with an injury to her lower back. I am here with her and helping her get through this. She would like to thank all the people that have called and sent emails checking on her.

Now, on to Deathrow. Due to his victory in the Royal Four match back in December, I am left with few options. Because of winning the Royal Four, I am unable to touch his contract for one year. Thus I cannot just simply fire him, much as I would like to. I have decided for now that I am going to suspend him without pay indefinitely.

During this time, I will be contemplating Deathrow's future with Ultimate Wrestling. I can't fire him, but I can take a personal interest in all of his matches for the remainder of his contract, and do my best to make his life a living hell. Thank you all again for your support and I will be releasing some additional information as soon as possible.”

I do my best to leave my personal feelings out of my reviews, but I believe that this is one of those occasions that require my opinion as well. I was never a fan of the monster Deathrow, but I respected him as a fighting Champion. Previously, he had declared war on the entire Ultimate Wrestling roster.

To this point, Deathrow has taken out all comers in a dominate fashion, but this one single act of cowardice negates everything that he had previously accomplished.

Deathrow’s response can be found on the Ultimate Wrestling message board.

Deathrow vs. The Feature Carlos D’Angelo for the Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

After Deathrow returned from backstage, The Feature Carlos D’Angelo wasted no time going right after the monster much to the stunned crowd‘s delight. The two battled outside the ring for a good portion of the match.

On this night, it was clear to everyone that The Feature was the better wrestler, and I believe even Deathrow realized this when Carlos just refused to stay down.

Eventually, The Feature would regain control, and he caught Deathrow flush on the nose with a Dos of Los. Deathrow knew he was done at this point and did the only thing he could do to keep his championship.

Deathrow intentionally took out the referee on him way down to the mat. Carlos covered the monster hoping the referee would come to, but when the ref did gain his wits, he disqualified Deathrow much to the crowd and The Feature’s chagrin. As the crowd chanted for a restart, Deathrow cowardly scurried backstage.

The Feature Carlos D’Angelo defeated Deathrow by disqualification, but Deathrow retains the Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. (11:40)

Mr. Marcus Gibbs vs. The Master of Devastation Cameron Frost

After Mr. Marcus cost The Master of Devastation the opportunity to become Ultimate Wrestling’s first Grand Slam Champion by getting their team disqualified at May-Hem, Frost was willing to give Mr. Marcus another chance, but apparently, Mr. Marcus had no intentions of partnering with Frost as he attacked him from behind and choked him out. The battle continued with a war of words between the two shows.

When the match did get under way, the two battled each other hard with the impetus of the match was clearly with The Master of Devastation for the majority of the time. Frost had lifted Gibbs up for the Omega Crusher when Mr. Marcus raked the eyes, sending Frost to the mat. Mr. Marcus Gibbs was able to pick up the pin fall victory with a lateral press.

Much like Maze earlier, the crowd was accusing Mr. Marcus Gibbs of using a foreign object, and also like Maze, Mr. Marcus got out of the ring in a hurry before the referee could check him out. Mr. Marcus had a few words for The Master of Devastation before heading backstage. Cameron Frost needed security to get to the back.

Mr. Marcus Gibbs pinned The Master of Devastation Cameron Frost (9:13)

X-Factor Champion Brutal Joe Gibson and Lil’ Shooter Kory Jackson vs. Johnny Rebel and Black Wolf with WWE Legend Paul Bearer

Everyone on the Gulf Coast knows that Percy Pringle III better known as WWE Legend Paul Bearer trained Brutal Joe, and Brutal Joe wasted no time in calling the Legend out. Paul Bearer wasted no time getting to the ring and addressing the Brutal One, calling Gibson his “Biggest Disappointment”.

Pringle used his immense influence on the Gulf Coast to set up a tag team match, and the Legend even hand picked the Brutal One’s partner. Percy Pringle III continued to work the crowd and introduced his team, Johnny Rebel and Black Wolf, two of Ultimate Wrestling’s biggest fan favorites. Gibson immediately dismissed Percy’s team, calling them the gimp (Black Wolf) and the inbred redneck (Johnny Rebel).

The Legend was quick to defend his choices telling Joe that they (Black Wolf and Johnny Rebel) had more talent in their little fingers than Gibson had in his whole body. Pringle then introduced Joe’s partner, Lil’ Shooter Kory Jackson. To say Brutal Joe was annoyed would be an understatement.

The match started out with Lil’ Shooter and Johnny Rebel with Rebel getting the early advantage for his team. Black Wolf and Rebel worked over Kory Jackson fairly well forcing Brutal Joe to break up several pin attempts, but Jackson was able to get a tag to Brutal Joe who took control of the bout.

After that, momentum went back and forth throughout the match, but it was clear that Brutal Joe didn’t want to work with Jackson, while on the other side; the legendary manager had Johnny Rebel and Black Wolf on the same page.

The end came suddenly as Lil’ Shooter tagged in Brutal Joe, who was immediately caught by the flying double hammer by Johnny Rebel. Rebel stunned the crowd by getting the pin fall victory over the X-Factor Champion Brutal Joe Gibson.

As Rebel and Black Wolf celebrated their victory in the ring, Gibson was coming to his senses. He lined Rebel up for an Irish Wake, but Johnny Reb saw him at the last second and ducked out of the way. Reb then proceeded to give the Brutal One a little taste of his own medicine putting the X-Factor Champion in retreat mode.

Johnny Rebel and Black Wolf with WWE Legend Paul Bearer defeated Brutal Joe Gibson and Lil’ Shooter Kory Jackson by pin fall (14:44)

The Story of the Year Brian Cage vs. Amish Assassin

As usual, The Story of the Year Brian Caige came to the ring before his match to gloat about all of his exploits. After the Amish Assassin came out, Caige insulted the Amish One’s looks and choice of friends. Caige said he would help the Assassin after he beat him.

For the majority of the match, Amish Assassin used his size and strength to dominate the smaller Brian Caige. Frustrated that he couldn’t build any momentum, Caige distracted the referee long enough to loosen the turnbuckle padding, but the referee caught him before The Story of the Year could expose the metal.

A short time later, Amish Assassin Irish whipped Caige into the corner with the loosened turnbuckle padding and called for the corner splash. Caige quickly removed the padding, exposing the metal and moved out of the way. The Amish One’s head crashed into the exposed steel and The Story of the Year rolled the Assassin up for the 1, 2, 3 victory.

After picking up the victory, Caige grabbed his kendo stick and blasted the Assassin in the head. He got his hands on a microphone and told the Assassin he should have taken Caige’s advice to heart.

After another shot to the head with that kendo stick, Caige choked the Amish Assassin out and retrieved a pair of scissors. With the Assassin helpless in the ring, Brian Caige began cutting huge chunks of hair from the Amish One’s head and beard. When Amish Assassin became coherent, he was understandably upset about all the hair Caige had cut off of his head and face. It was enough hair to cover the entire ring.

The Story of the Year Brian Caige pinned Amish Assassin (8:00)

Jet Angel vs. Suicydal Soulja Tommy Hill vs. Cruiserweight Champion Robyn Golphin for the Ultimate Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship

Three way matches are a Champions worst nightmare because the Champ can lose his Championship without being involved in the finish. When three talented high flying cruiserweights are immersed in a battle for the Ultimate Wrestling Cruiserweight Championship, anything can and will happen.

Any one of these three is capable of amazing jaw dropping moments, and when the trio is in a match together magic is bound to happen. They did not disappoint. Countless saves were made to keep the match alive.

The ending was very confusing as there was a double German Suplex, which lead to a triple pin; however, ring announcer Curtis Diamond clarified that Robyn Golphin would retain the Championship due to the Ultimate Wrestling rule which states, “When there are multiple pin falls involving a Champion, the Champion will retain his Championship.”

Jet Angel, Suicydal Soulja Tommy Hill and The Evolution Robyn Golphin ended in a draw so The Evolution Robyn Golphin retains his Cruiserweight Championship (9:10)

Main Event: BTY Colby Godwin vs. Pure Doug Pitt

In BTY Colby Godwin’s final match before heading to Philadelphia to join Ring of Honor’s roster, Pure Doug Pitt was determined to show the crowd why BTY had selected him for his final opponent. The two combatants put on a masterful clinic of scientific wrestling going move for counter move until about the 5:30 mark when Pure Doug Pitt caught BTY with a drop kick sending Colby into the corner.

BTY was nearly able to end this match early when he hit Doug Pitt with an enzaguri, but the resilient Pitt was able to get the shoulder up before the three.

The two took the fight to the outside when Pitt tossed BTY out of the ring. BTY quickly recovered and pulled Doug off of the ring apron face first into the mat and quickly followed up with a suicide dive. When the action returned to the ring, the ferocity continued to build.

Chops were violently laid into the opponents chest, slams had a little more pop, both men were willing to use more high risk maneuvers to put the other away, and near falls were frequent on both sides as the impetus of the match went back and forth.

With the crowd chanting, “BTY, BTY, BTY…” Colby was able to block Pure Doug’s Super Power Ranger Kick and counter with his own finishing maneuver, the Ace Crusher at 26:30 mark of the match. No one would have faulted BTY Colby Godwin or Pure Doug Pitt for just staying down at this point in the match, but both men continued to fight on beating the referee’s count to 10.

BTY hit the Ace Crusher once again at 27 minute mark, and once again, showing an amazing will to win, Pure Doug Pitt again beat the 3 by getting the shoulder off the mat. After exchanging various blows, Pure Doug Pitt was able to get behind BTY and land a German Suplex with a bridge and get the pin fall victory.

Pure Doug Pitt pinned BTY Colby Godwin (28:02)

Not Good-byes, See You Later

Immediately after the match, Pure Doug Pitt grabbed a microphone and told BTY how much he would be missed before removing himself from the ring. Doug Pitt was soon joined by the majority of the roster who surrounded the ring. BTY did one more lap around the ring high-fiving fans and embracing his fellow wrestlers.

My favorite point came when he stopped to acknowledge the sign that children made for him. He raised the sign up to show the whole crowd, thanked my son and shook his hand.

At the insistence of the wrestlers at ringside and the crowd once again chanting BTY, BTY, BTY…, Colby got back into the ring to make his “See You Later” speech. He first thanked the fans from all around the Gulf Coast, followed by Ultimate management for allowing him to have the opportunity to wrestle for Ultimate Wrestling.

He then thanked the other wrestlers starting with Brutal Joe Gibson and Cameron Frost for pushing him to be his absolute best. He specifically mentioned Maze, Jerry Reiner, Bobby Doll, Johnny Rebel, and Mr. Marcus Gibbs. He also said the Ultimate Wrestling roster is still full of talent.

BTY hoped that the crowd would recognize him in Ring of Honor and continue to support him, which brought about another round of BTY chants from the enthusiastic crowd. He finished his speech by thanking everyone again, but he wasn’t the only thankful person because the crowd began a “Thank You Colby,” chant.

This lead to another BTY chant which prompted BTY to give one more parting shot. He said that if you are kind and work hard, good things will happen to you. BTY thanked everybody once again, and the crowd responded with one last round of BTY, BTY, BTY…


“Thank you for everything!”

- Woody McCollough

“Match of the Year! Good luck! Future Champion anywhere he goes! BTY is the greatest wrestler I’ve seen here on the Gulf Coast. That is why I wear the (BTY) shirt; I think he is the best!”

- Matt Clark

"Best of luck, BTY."

- Curtis Martin, Lords of

“I haven’t known you long, BTY, but I have to say that you’ve improved ever since the first time I saw you. I wish you the best of luck.”

- Dominique Devine

“I’m sorry the final match did not end the way you wanted. BTY, my brother, young gorilla, I love you. I believe in you. You are going to be a star in Ring of Honor.”

- The Gargoyle, Front Row Fanatics

“I hope BTY has all the best of everything. I hope Ring of Honor brings him every dream that he’s wanted. He has been just fabulous to work with. Great guy. He’s just an A+ guy all around. I can’t say enough good stuff about him.”

- Alexander Hearse III, CEO of Ultimate Wrestling

“You know, it’s kind of bittersweet. I hate to see him go, but I’m also happy that he is getting the opportunity.”

- Mr. Internet, Front Row Fanatics

“I have only seen you wrestle since April, but it is easy to see why you are bound for Ring of Honor. I hate the term ‘it factor’ because it is so easy to define. ‘It’ is the ability to connect with the crowd and you have ‘it‘. I know you will succeed in Ring of Honor because I see how hard you work to master your craft. We will all be cheering you on from the Gulf Coast.”

- Me


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