Barry Bonds: The Best Bet for the Bronx Bombers

Joe MorganSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2008

Hey, Brian Cashman! Why not Barry Bonds? Do you honestly believe that Richie Sexson is the cure for the Yankees' offensive woes? Barry Bonds is the perfect solution to the New York Yankees’ offensive struggles.

The ever-present cloud of the steroid era hangs over Barry’s enlarged cranium, making the all-time home run king* the least-wanted man in baseball. 

However, Barry Bonds still has a lot to offer. I believe that he is the perfect solution to the New York Yankees’ offensive struggles.

So why aren’t the Yankees pursuing Bonds? Signing Barry Bonds may not look very attractive, but you have to read between the lines. Let’s take a look at a few of the misconceptions about Bonds.

Barry Bonds will be accompanied by an insane media circus wherever he goes.

Fact. That is very true, but since when has New York not been a media circus itself? The Yankees have been very newsworthy on and off the field in 2008.

Jason Giambi wears a golden thong to break out of batting slumps; Alex Rodriguez had an alleged affair with Madonna and is going through a messy divorce; and Andy Pettitte confessed to using HGH and testified against former Yankee teammate Roger Clemens on Capitol Hill.

Heck, even Derek Jeter said he would pillage Yankee Stadium before its demolition.

Trust me, the Yankees won’t even flinch with the addition of Barry Bonds and all of his baggage. Bonds will bring a media frenzy to the clubhouse, but what’s new for the Yankees?

Barry Bonds has steadily declined in ability and hasn’t played recently enough to be truly effective.


Don’t get me wrong, but that statement is completely absurd.

Barry Bonds was battling injuries throughout the entire season in 2007, causing a decline in his stats. Although injuries normally signal the end for older ballplayers, I don’t think that the same will apply to Bonds.

If Bonds were to join the Yankees, it would be as the designated hitter. If Bonds doesn’t have to play the field and has more time and energy to concentrate on his hitting—watch out!

As New York's DH, Bonds would be a very valuable left-handed power hitter, which is exactly what they need. With the loss of lefty slugger Hideki Matsui and switch-hitter Jorge Posada to long-term injuries, New York is in desperate need of a power presence on the left side of the plate, other than Jason Giambi.

Bonds will provide that power and will likely take advantage of the famous short porch in right field at Yankee Stadium.

Barry Bonds’ potential perjury case could limit his availability and distract the team.

Last I checked, the major story on Barry Bonds is the fact that he’s not playing baseball, not his potential perjury case. Besides, in my opinion, the government could (should!) probably put that case on the back burner due to the 2008 presidential election and the ongoing “surge” in Iraq.

All politics aside, Barry Bonds will most likely not have to deal with that issue anytime soon. In addition, Bonds would only be a temporary solution for the Bronx Bombers. By the time the case occurs, Bonds will, most likely, be retired and the Yankees, or any other team, would no longer require his services.

In my opinion, Barry Bonds should don Yankee pinstripes before prison stripes.


Barry Bonds is a cheater.


For crying out loud, enough of this! We all know that Bonds, at one point, either used performance-enhancing drugs or was exposed to gamma radiation similar to what the Incredible Hulk experienced. However, there is one point that I would like to bring up.

Barry Bonds has never officially failed an MLB-administered drug test. Trust me, if he had, it would have been all over the news. The book Game of Shadows highlighted Bonds’ steroid use and his change in baseball cap size all but proved it. However, he's innocent until proven guilty. Right?

Barry Bonds is very stubborn and will command a high salary.


I don’t think this is true. I believe that the experience of rejection by every MLB team may have humbled Bonds and his big head (no pun intended). However, whether or not Bonds has been humbled, he wants to return to baseball and will probably be reasonable when it comes to negotiating his contract.

Barry Bonds is not a good teammate and puts himself before the team.


Throughout his career, Bonds hasn’t been quite as likeable as other players, but I believe that will change if he gets a roster spot with the Yankees. Barry Bonds’ two biggest regrets as a Major League Baseball player are that he has not reached 3,000 career hits and that he has never won a World Series title.

Although he is very arrogant, I am sure that Bonds will realize that he is not “The Man” in the Yankee clubhouse, and he will contribute to the team in a smaller role if it gives New York a better chance to win the World Series.

So there you have it. I firmly believe that signing Barry Bonds is vital to the Yankees’ playoff chances. Besides, with the surging Rays and the defending champion Red Sox pulling away in the division's race, the Yankees need to do anything they can to keep up in the AL East.

Brian Cashman, if you’re reading this, do yourself a favor. Do Joe Girardi a favor. Do the Yankee faithful a favor.

Sign Barry Bonds. You have nothing to lose.

* = Just a good-natured joke for the baseball purists.


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